Minocqua Brewing CEO is just having another temper tantrum

Jay Weber Show transcript 10-13-21

A second Wisconsin mom has sued her school district over mask mandates-and the claim that her child got sick because the school district wasn’t following the CDC’s protocol on masking: which is every child should be masked during every hour that they are in school.

These lawsuits are going to face a few problems in court- not the least of which is: these CDC protocols aren’t mandatory. They are simply guidelines that the CDC has encouraged schools and school districts to follow.

But logic, reason, and science aren’t going to matter in any of these lawsuits, because they are being pushed and funded by the same left wing whack job.

This is the guy who owns the Minocqua Brewing Company. He formed a political PAC, specifically to engage in activist legal actions like these mask lawsuits.

And he’s found his second gullible pawn. A mom from the Eau Claire area- who-for some reason-filed her lawsuit in Madison.

Gina Kildahl alleges the district violated her son’s equal protection rights and caused his infection. The lawsuit compares the school to a “COVID-19 snake pit.”

The first thing that leaps out at me is: her son was wearing his mask.

And so- if her son was masked up, and masks worked, he was protected, correct? He wouldn’t be infected if masking worked to prevent covid.

And so- the first thing the facts if this case makes clear- yet again-is that masking doesn’t work to prevent covid-19. If it did, her child wouldn’t have gotten sick from-allegedly, anyway, -classmates.

It’d be another obvious argument in court: your honor, Ms. Kildahl’s child was masked, and the cdc and the glorious Dr. Fauci suggest that would have protected her child.

Conversely- she cannot argue that the school quote caused her child’s infection, when the virus that got him sick could have come from anywhere, but even if it came from classmates, the school took no action to-make-her child sick.

These are weak cases, at best.

But these are liberal activist lawyers engaging in judge shopping at the federal level...and are hoping to make just a few lawsuits into-class action suits-that will cover every district in Wisconsin.

And the clown behind it, Kirk Bangstad, has gloated on Facebook that he wants to sue every Wisconsin school board that doesn’t follow CDC guidelines.

And it’s easy to say, ‘let him’, given that these are such asinine cases that aren’t likely to go anywhere, but the individual school districts and their taxpayers will still need to go thru all of the time and trouble and legal expense to fight them.

And that’s this jag’s point: he just wants to be a miserable jerk and be as difficult as he can be, because he didn’t get his way on masking.

Awww....so sad...Mr. Bangstad.

He’s just an arrogant rich guy with a grudge. And if you question that-he blames the spread of the delta variant on... Every single school board member in Wisconsin for being. Quote.

"Wisconsin communities have exploded with the Delta variant because many school districts have dropped all forms of Covid-19 mitigation that were in place last year," Bangstad wrote in a blog post, "due to the shrieking hordes of Tucker Carlson-watching zombies separated from their cerebrums and driven only by their lizard brains."


That is giving-way too much credit- to Tucker Carlson, for being able to sway public opinion. His audience isn’t that large, quite frankly, but virtually every school board member in Wisconsin is backed by a left-wing teachers union that supports the mask mandates and is likely a liberal, themselves.

So, if anything, they are watching Rachel meadow or Don Lemon at night.

The guy has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s just an angry liberal. And angry liberals talk nonsense.

and no one with any common sense should buy his beer or put one extra dollar in his pocket.

I know the liberals would claim. Oh no, these vaccine mandates are popular.

Okay...you keep believing those polls and keep believing that forcing this onto people is ‘smart’, politically or as a good way to get people vaccinated. It’s stupid on both counts.

Consider that: these health care workers were among the very first group to get offered the vaccine. They have had a full nine months now, to get it, if they so desired. Any health care worker who is a ‘hard no’ by now, is not going to be bullied into compliance with the threat of termination. Maybe a few might cave-but most won’t.

And this mandate is backfiring across several industries and professions now, including the hospitals and clinics, law enforcement and fire departments, and airline and travel industries.

The hospitals, the airline industry, the bigger police departments, etc.- have all been hamstrung by employee shortages over the course of this pandemic-and now government is going to force terminations.

Great idea.

story credit: NPR
photo credit: Fox 6 News

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