Get ready for a very Biden Christmas

Jay Weber Show Transcript 10-12-21

The problems with the global supply lines are now such an alarming problem for US retailers that the big companies are resorting to chartering entire cargo ships, to ensure you have what you want and/or need for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

This is a desperate move that smaller retailers cannot afford to make-but it’s a smart one for the companies that can afford it: put your cargo on smaller ships and bring them into smaller regional ports to be offloaded.

The major cargo choke points right now are at the Los Angeles and New York and New Jersey ports.

But that still doesn’t solve the trucker shortage, to drive the semis that will need to get the merchandise from the docks to the stores, or the larger problems along the supply chain.

This is hitting ports, the rail yards, the trucking companies-

And this is in addition to the shortages of some goods and higher prices on raw materials. Lumber is spiking back up. The cost of cotton. Cotton- is at a decades-long high, etc.

And if Joe Biden and the Democrats thought they have low approval ratings now, due to a grumbly, annoyed electorate just wait until we see bare shelves at Christmas time.

This could be yet another political disaster for the Democrats and I’m not sure they realize it but Biden will get blamed for this.

He promised to end the covid crisis-and didn’t. He promised a quick economic recovery that hasn’t happened. He helped create an energy shortage that has delayed deliveries and raised prices.

He promised only very temporary inflation, but prices keep ratcheting higher.

Now shortages?

Oh boy.

And here’s the thing: this isn’t going to be ironed out in a few weeks, and it’s not just selected shortages.

Biden’s own Fed Reserve chairman is saying there is no end in sight to the shortages or price hikes-and the best that team Biden can do is to have Jen Psaki relay to the American people that Biden has created a ‘supply line task force?’

Good grief.

And no, this isn’t all Biden’s fault. Every sector in America-and globally- either shut down or pared way back during the pandemic: from the energy sector to the manufacturing sector- to the ag and raw materials sectors-

And they are all trying to ramp back up again.

But Biden is going to be the first scapegoat-and the fact is- his policies have had enough of a hand in exacerbating these problems that he not only-will-get blamed, but he deserves some blame.

Biden’s massive, unnecessary, infusion of government cash into the economy after trump had the economy in recovery-coupled with the inflation that it has caused- could be keenly felt at Christmastime.

Last week Biden’s own govt put out numbers that say that inflation has surged to its highest level in 30 years. And remember- Biden’s own fed chairman is now saying he sees no relief on the horizon

Trump had America energy independent for the first time in probably 70 years or more- and we were exporting natural gas- and Biden has blown it all up. Squandered it all-with an idiotic war on u-s energy suppliers of all types.

Anything that isn’t wind or solar-Biden’s admin has launched attacks against.

And it’s going to mean higher heating bills for all of us this winter, in addition to those higher manufacturing and shipping prices that are already affecting every item we buy and will only grow worse in the holiday crush.

This is a global shortage that wasn’t created by Biden but was certainly aided and abetted-made far worse-by his economic malpractice.

And now they want to make it worse by ramming home another six-trillion dollars in unnecessary spending...when no one aside from a few socialist kooks are asking for it.

And included in Bernie’s spending bill-again- are even more govt programs and expansions of benefits that will have millions of Americans leaving the work force because they suddenly don’t need to work: between Bernie’s new freebees and their food stamp welfare and their other welfare programs and the new IRS welfare we are calling a child tax credit-

Millions more slackers will decide they don’t need to work- or it simply makes no sense to work.

How is this ‘making America better’. Or ‘building back better’ post-pandemic.

As senator Rick Scott recently said: in every move that Biden and his team make- it is the poorest and most marginalized people who are getting screwed the most.

Yep. And you people who still vote democrat- how can you still fall for this idea that democrats are doing what’s best for you: that they care about you the most.

They took that paycheck that was bigger than it’s ever been under trump....and are taking more of it than they ever have-leaving you further behind than you were under either Trump, or Obama.

Trump proved what republican policies can do for your paycheck. Biden is proving what dem policies will do. Wake up and smell the coffee if you can still afford it.

photo credit: Getty Images

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