The American people have largely given up on Joe Biden.

Jay Weber Show transcript 10-11-21 7:10am

It’s fun to see the left wing accomplice media scramble around trying to spin the fact that the American people have largely given up on Joe Biden.

CNN, ABC, Quinnipiac-they cannot rig their own polls, anymore, to hide the fact that support for Biden and his agenda has tanked.

And we probably haven’t hit bottom, yet.

Three polls last week put Biden’s approval rating under 40 percent- and the dc democrats know that this might not even be the bottom, yet.

It-should-be.Even in this hyper-partisan era, we’ve got a hard 35 percent of this country that is going to vote democrat no matter what every election, and so, to see a president get down under 40 percent approval is alarming for their party.

It means virtually the entire mushy middle has given up on you.

Both a Quinnipiac poll and a Trafalgar poll have Biden at 38 and 39 percent. Even jake tapper couldn’t spin them

And there is no easy fix for the democrats, given that this is the American people expressing a crisis of confidence in Biden and in his agenda.

He ran as a moderate, not a socialist. No one who voted for Biden in that ‘moderate, or independent’ category of voters- thought they were voting for this agenda.

And if Biden and is party leaders won’t admit that and moderate, these poll numbers won’t be going back up.

And Biden isn’t moderating. Instead, he, Pelosi and Schumer are insisting that if they can only ram home that unpopular agenda, the American people will reward them, somehow, which is insane.

Folks- Joe Biden and the democrats-did not- run on this agenda. She’s lying. She also has no idea which state Joe Manchin represents, obviously, because she mentioned Arizona and Georgia.

Sinema represents Arizona, yes, but Manchin is from West Virginia.

These new polls find 53 percent of Americans disapprove of Biden and at least that many disapprove of his so-called ‘build back better’ agenda.

The Quinnipiac poll specifically sites a lack of trust and a rising belief that this man is incompetent as the main reason so many Americans are labeling Biden a bad leader.

Nearly 6 in 10 Americans now think Joe Biden is a liar. That’s really an alarming finding for a party who got Biden into office by insisting that he was going to be more honest and trustworthy than Donald Trump.

But the American people see Joe Biden and his people lying to them-every day.

Jen Psaki lies-every day-from her podium. And the American people know it, because she’s not a good liar, but she’s also not a good ‘deflector’ or ‘spinner’.

One thing about Jen Psaki: she never comes up with a plausible spin, and she is not artful about how she deflects a question... And so, every time...she is seen as obviously refusing to answer the question and instead providing an asinine spin.

I didn’t talk about the Trafalgar poll that came out Friday-but it has 56 percent of the American people disapproving of the job Biden is doing- with only 27 percent of independents approving. That’s even lower than in the Quinnipiac poll.

But here’s the figure that leapt out at me: Trafalgar found only 61 percent of democrats saying they approved of President Biden.


That. Is low.

And it has pollster John Zogby wondering whether these numbers signify an American electorate that is giving up on Biden, permanently.

And remember-Zogby’s a democrat, himself.

He gives Biden a weekly grade. Last week- a C-

Then there’s Jed Bobbin...who is a long-time DC player...who leans conservative but isn’t a diehard.

He also gives Biden a letter grade-and last week was an ‘f’...and he says:

And it’s easy to bash Biden’s incompetence-

But labeling this as ‘Biden incompetence’ lets him off the hook.

People-this has all been intentional!

Whether it was killing off the keystone pipeline or reopening the border or a slip-shod withdrawal from Afghanistan, or skyrocketing prices...

It was all intentional! And this is what the American people and the DC pundit class still doesn’t fully get.

As Larry Kudlow puts it: Biden is moving ‘crosswise with common sense’.

I like that phrase: nothing Biden has done seems to have any simple common sense associated with it.Why attack fracking and pipelines when America was finally energy independent?

Why in god’s name, restart the border crisis?

Why -willingly-turn Afghanistan over to the Taliban?


As Kudlow puts it-Biden insists his ‘build back better B-S’ is what will make America great.

We are supposed to believe this man and his party have the best interests of America at heart, when every one of their moves proves otherwise?

Over the weekend, Biden’s admin officially cancelled the remaining contracts for building the border wall.

Think about this: during an ever-worsening border crisis- Biden’s only definitive move is to cancel all plans to build more border wall- or even finish the existing wall that is up.

We’ve talked about how-in several sectors- it’s just a matter of closing off a small opening or hanging a few gates, and that section would be secure.

Nope. Biden won’t allow it.

So, how are the American people supposed to react to that?

Are they really expected to believe Biden or Alejandro Mayorkas when they say they don’t want open borders? Or that they have a plan to control this border?

Come on.

There is a point at which even the dumbest among us and even the most brainwashed of left-wing Kool aide drinkers needs to acknowledge the obvious: Joe Biden is a terrible, radical, president and he’s letting his handlers and the party’s leaders push him to increasingly ‘anti-American’ schemes.

I’m one of those who has said that Biden is clearly being ‘managed’ by his handlers, and they have absolutely filled his head with delusions about how- if he’s super extreme-he could be viewed as the next FDR or LBJ.

Biden is going along with this agenda. It’s crazier and more extreme than his ‘ole buddy Barrack’s’ was, and there’s a reason for that.

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