The real reason behind Biden's fake Oval Office

Jay Weber Show transcript 10/8/21

I love that the fake ‘Oval office’ TV set that the Biden White House is using -has become a ‘thing’.

This is the fake set that Biden’s team used to show him being vaccinated a week ago. He has since given a few speeches and videoconferences from it, I guess.

It’s supposed to be a fake mock-up of the oval office, I guess. Or some ‘stately’ white house room, and it comes complete with fake windows and digital pictures of the rose garden in full bloom-outside the fake windows.

And it’s not even in the White House, of course.

The executive branch outgrew the white house decades and decades ago, and so, this thing is in the executive office building next door. It’s nowhere near the oval, or the rose garden.

Well, people on social media have been making a bigger and bigger deal out of this, ever since some photos got out of this fake set, when Biden was being vaccinated.

I talked about it at the time- only to note that-if he had any honest DC reporters left, they would have mentioned that Biden was vaccinated on this tv set.

Instead-none of them that i could find-print or broadcast-even mentioned it.It’s not a huge breach of journalistic ethics, but trust me, it would have been a big deal, years ago, when we still had honest journalists. You are supposed to report the whole story. Not misrepresent it.

I used to do news-and run a newsroom- trust me- any ‘real’ journalist would have at least mentioned that this didn’t occur in the oval, but instead on a new set they’ve built next door.

And speculation is running wild as to why they’ve built this new set.But the answer is obvious: Joe Biden needs a teleprompter. Always. Every time he does an event. Gives a speech. Engages in a zoom conference.

Biden’s team has had him working off a teleprompter since way back when he was campaigning from his basement, right?

So -what are they going to do? Put a put a big monitor and teleprompter equipment right-smack dab-in the middle of the oval? Put it on the eagle rug and point it at the resolute desk-and what? Has it just sat there?

If ole’ joe is using it nearly every day, it makes no sense to take it up and down.

You also need a crew member to operate the machine and scroll the script. Slow it down when Biden stumbles...etc.Is that lowly worker going to be privy to whatever goes on in the oval office-as you hold meetings around him?

Do we really want ‘Todd’ spending that much time in the oval?

After a while, he becomes wallpaper. It could be weeks before a secret service agent even did we even really vet this guy? Who’s Todd?

And since we are dealing with democrats- you know it wouldn’t be a Todd. Todd’s probably a white guy.

He doesn’t check ‘woke’ boxes. So, if anything, Biden’s teleprompter guy is going to be the newly hired some kid who Biden’s woke handlers found in one of the refugee camps.

We’ve got a great recruitment program, going, sir. We take these plucky, young Afghani men, and put them right into employment at the White House. It’s very popular. Dozens are scrambling to do it.

You see my point: Biden is-so reliant-on a teleprompter that they need that permanent set. They cannot just do what every other president has done-and bring the equipment into the oval on the-rare instance-the president is going to make a speech.

Biden can’t ‘speak’ unless he has it in front of him.

That’s why they need the set. It’s pathetic and embarrassing, but that’s why.

And if Jen Psaki is ever asked about it, I’m sure she’ll give some bologna about security issues.

The fact that these left-wing media outlets -still-have not divulged to the American people that joe Biden is using a set, and that they are being tricked during these White House’s events-is- an indication of media bias.

It is.

Any ethical, honest journalist would admit it.

It used to be a big deal when someone was caught on a set, faking it. Or when a politician or reporter tried to use a green screen behind them to trick viewers.

Well. This is what our president of the United States and the executive branch are now doing. And they are making it the ‘new normal’.

And that’s why it matters. It is one more step toward routinely tricking viewers and manipulating images that the so-called ‘skeptical’, ‘independent press’ is playing along with. Not divulging to you.

And yes-the so-called ethics that these DC journalists have are now-so-situational- that yes, if President Trump’s team had tried this, it would have been a big scandal. These very same journalists and their newsrooms would have used it as a chance to crow and preen about their ‘ethics’ and ‘dedication to truth’.

Donald trump is trying to trick you but, by God, here at CNN we will not let that happen, Jake Tapper would have said.

Joy Reid would have done a one our special panel on it:trump is so racist; he’s trying to trick black people with a fake oval office.


Biden, does it? They join the lie.

And so, it is no surprise that the latest poll shows the trust in American media has hit an all-time low.

A full third of Americans say they have-no-trust in the US news media.

Another third says they ‘don’t have much’ trust in the media.

And only one third say they have a ‘fair amount’ of trust in the media.

That’s pathetic.

But it’s today’s big media outlets. They are the biggest reason that they find themselves so distrusted, today.

Don’t blame this on people like myself, or rush, or the people who have simply been pointing out their bias for decades now. Because, instead of cleaning up the bias- what have these legacy news outlets chosen to do, instead?

Instead, they have only moved to ‘embrace the bias’. Their overt and obvious left-wing biases have only gotten even worse!

The NY times and wash post-once the two most venerable newspapers in America-actively engaged in a years-long smear campaign related to the Trump/Russia collusion smear.

Their editors and reporters-had to know. Had to know- that much of what they were reporting in their papers was fake.

To this day, neither paper has run corrections, or admitted mistakes, or take responsibility. To this day.

I believe they both won Pulitzers for their fake trump reports in the first years he was in office. They should give them back- now that the Trump smears, they were reporting on have been proven to be hoaxes and their ‘award winning’ pieces were only spreading propaganda.

It’s interesting that gallop found that only one in three independent voters say they trust the media. So -other than democrats- very few Americans have any level of trust in the US media, anymore.

This gallop poll came out on the same day that we learned that CNN, post-Trump, has really become a media wasteland.

No one. Is watching this network

This as Fox hosts at night continue to get about three million.

So why is CNN sucking?

Because they put all their eggs into one basket: bash trump.

They either intentionally, or organically, decided that they were going to be the 24/7 ‘trash Trump’ network...

And it sort of worked to boost their ratings during his five years in the limelight-because there is at least some sliver of America who wanted to wallow in their anti-trump crapulence every day...

But now that trump’s largely off the scene, CNN’s programming and so-called talent have nothing to offer America.

When obvious meatheads like Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon and Brian Stelter are your stars, you should know you are in trouble.

And I’m not singling out those three because they are famous liberals. Watch their shows-they are genuine idiots.

Anderson cooper projects some intelligence, even if I don’t agree with his politics. Those other three?Mindless sacks of meat.

photo credit: Getty Images

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