Covid-19 was engineered by humans in the Wuhan lab. Slam dunk. Rock solid.

Jay Weber Show transcript 10-7-21 7:40am

Don’t look now-but Los Angeles just put one of the strictest vaccine passports into law.

This is even though the latest wave of covid has ebbed, and the number of cases has dropped between 20 and 25 percent since early September.

This move comes -despite- a real question as to whether covid really is going to rage thru America this winter, as some health experts have predicted-and others have rejected.

In LA from now on, even your older kids will need a vaccine passport to move around the city freely.

And yes, it’s discriminatory, but they don’t care. The big city lefty bullying continues.

This-as we get even more evidence to suggest Fauci and his bosses at the NIH were funding dangerous ‘gain of function’ research at the Wuhan lab-

And- as four different studies now prove that this virus had to be manmade.

It didn’t come from nature.

There are two epidemiologist professors from UC California, and the Lawrence Berkeley national lab- who detail in the Wall St Journal today- how we know this is manmade.

And they cite -four-different studies, now, that prove it.

These are scientists who are trained not to conclude anything-categorically- but we are now to the point that any person with a brain knows the truth: this was a virus created in a lab. The science proves it. The lack of-any-evidence of it in animals or humans until a massive outbreak popped up out of nowhere in Wuhan- proves it.

And more -very damning-evidence that proves our own NIH and Dr Fauci and his bosses were ‘hot to do’ gain of function research on bat viruses-

All-but proves that yes, our government even had a hand in this.

Despite all public protestations, our own government- thru Fauci’s agency-was funneling taxpayer money thru a private New York health group- to Wuhan and the bat lady-so she could do this dangerous research-

Which was dangerous enough that it had been banned from being done in this country, under the Obama administration.

Fauci and his bosses lied and are still lying.

In fact- listen to Fauci’s big-boss- as he announces his retirement out of the blue.

This is the director of the national institutes of health- Francis Collins, who surprised a lot of his colleagues this week by announcing he was retiring after twelve years at the helm of this agency.

Neil Cavuto found this oddly timed:

NIH Director Francis Collins: Resignation Has Nothing To Do With Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

Oh, no. No. The director of the NIH isn’t retiring- now- just as the evidence really piles up that he and his agency were intentionally working to skirt a u-s ban on gain-of-function research-and were secretly funneling our money to Wuhan.

No, no. That has nothing to do with this retirement.

Even though, it is more evident than ever that both he andtony Fauci have been lying their butts off about this-for nearly two years now.

Fauci is another one who should have the decency to resign over this-if Biden doesn’t have the decency to fire him.

In all seriousness: between Fauci’s pathetic public performance -sewing nothing but confusion and flip flops on the virus for 18 months now-

And the fact that he’s been proven to be lying about this research-

Anthony Fauci has – no business-being paid by the American taxpayer, anymore.No one listens to him, anymore, because he’s embarrassed himself so many times in tv interviews, not knowing what he’s talking about, making things up, admitting that he’s trying to manipulate the public, even trying to take Christmas away, recently.

Holy cow, what a fantastic fraud.

He needs to resign. And refuses.

And I assume that yet another ‘smoking gun’ isn’t going to matter to him, but we have more documented evidence that:

Science Closes In on Covid’s Origins

Nowhere- on this entire planet- have the covid-19 virus or the different variants been found. Nowhere.

Covid-19 was engineered by humans in the Wuhan lab. Slam dunk. Rock solid.

And every person who leapt to play politics with this and called we conservatives idiots, or trump and idiot, because we immediately said it came from that lab- is proven to be wrong, today.

Every high-profile lefty who mocked and harassed John Stewart when he dared to say, on Stephen Colbert’s show that-obviously this virus came from the lab-is proven to be a stooge, now.

Once again: the elitist left wingers, their activists, and their famous ‘smart people, are the ones who turn out to be the idiots.

Of course.

It’s the natural pattern of life in America, now.

Today’s democrat leaders-and their most ardent followers-are arrogant, blind, idiots.

And it is proven over, and over, and over again.

story credit: RealClear Politics/Wall Street Journal
photo credit: Getty Images

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