Chicago's richest man considering moving company over explosion in crime

Jay Weber Show transcript 10-6-21 7:10am

Did you see that the richest man in Chicago said that the city is like Afghanistan, now, and he might be forced to move his company’s headquarters?

This is big- and it comes after new stats that show over 620 murders so far this year, in Chicago....including over 260 just in the last three months.

The question of ‘consequences’ for thugs and murderers is being asked ‘anew’ in Chicago this week, after their awful, pear-headed, district attorney refused to charge-anyone- related to a midday shooting spree in crowded streets.

This is that awful Kim Foxx. The one who let Jussie Smollett off the hook on his racial hoax.

She is the ‘states attorney’ in Chicago. Our version of a D.A....and she has decided that the appropriate way to handle a shootout in which rival gangs exchanged more than seventy rounds of gunfire- is to issue -zero-charges.

Even mayor Beetlejuice is hot over this one.

Kim Foxx Claps Back After Mayor Criticizes Decision Not to Charge Shooting Suspects

This is unforgivable.

But it is yet another case of a far left- activist lawyer- managing to get elected as a D.A., or Attn. General, and deciding that she’s only going to enforce the law-selectively.

Kim Foxx is becoming famous for letting thugs go, especially black thugs. And yes, she’s black, herself.And her excuses are always pathetic.

Because she is part of this new breed of govt official who is really a left-wing activist who has managed to work her way into a position of power, to ‘right the wrongs’ of society on her own.

We have a whole host of left-wing activists posing as prosecutors in the big cities across the country who now refuse to prosecute crimes. There are some infuriating clowns pulling such stunts in l-a and San Francisco, as well as Philadelphia, Seattle, and elsewhere.

Kim Foxx certainly fits this description in Chicago.

Even a fellow activist liberal- mayor Lori Lightfoot-found this unconscionable.

Even Lightfoot said: we cannot send the message that criminality has no consequences.

But that is exactly the message that democrat mayors, police chiefs, das and judges have been sending. For years.

Chicago recently adopted a ‘no bail’ policy like the one in New York that has caused widespread criminality- crime without consequence-in New York.

The NY post just detailed a man who shoplifts every day. In that city. Most days he’s not even arrested,

Chicago and other big cities that have just adopted similarly idiotic ‘no bail’ policies are only going to get worse.

All of this is what has Illinois’ richest man saying- he, his family, and his company, might be forced to move out of Chicago.

His name is Ken Griffin. He is a hedge fund manager. And he’s rich enough that-when he talks-everyone stops and listens.

He just did a Q-and-A at an economic forum in Chicago on Monday...and was asked by the moderator...why is your company still here? As bad as the crime and taxes have gotten?

Ken Griffin: Chicago Is Like Afghanistan On A Good Day, It Is Getting Hard To Stay

Griffin’s response should be setting off every alarm bell that exists, in Chicago.

There is a power in titans of industry and business who have spent their careers being

A-political.... stepping up to raise important alarm bells for society. And I wish more of them did it, more often.

But here’s griffin saying, his time in Chicago is limited. And he’d take his company with him.

The comments about- not being safe anywhere-in the city after 9pm.Devastating.

The comments about how he cannot-in good conscience, anymore- encourage people to move to the city because it’s a great place to live and raise a family. Devastating.

He said...flat be requoted in every major global newspaper and repeated on every financial news network...quote.... Chicago is like Afghanistan-on a good day.


He was then asked if New York was an antidote to the dysfunction of Chicago-

In most ways-New York’s crime problem is even worse than Chicago’s- thanks to this stupid ‘no bail’ policy.

Chicago has more murders. More violent crime. But New York is a more crime-infested city, overall, now, I’d think. There is far more random street crime and far more random targeting of innocent victims on New York’s streets now, than Chicago’s.

And it is-again-because the New York punks and thugs now know that they won’t be held to any consequences, and won’t even get a short jail stay. They’ll be out within hours-free to ‘thug’ again.

story credit: Real Clear Politics/NBC 5 Chicago
photo credit: Getty Images

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