She saw deadbeat Mandella do it, Lena figured why not run for Lt. Gov

Jay Weber Show transcript 10-5-21 7:10am

Milwaukee State Senator Lena Taylor- who is most famous for her public meltdowns and screaming rages...which always include an ugly racial element to them....

Is running for Lt. Governor.


I believe I know why: Lena-who has run unsuccessfully for mayor and for county exec....and has been unable to find a ‘second act’ for her political career-

Largely due to those screaming matches and the fact that she’s a well-known moron inside the capitol...

I believe she saw that a deadbeat with a troubling record like Mandela Barnes could win the lt. Governor’s office-and wants the same ride.

Let’s face it: Lena Taylor has a much better chance of winning an election if her name isn’t on the top of the ticket. ‘Taylor’ is a generic last name and people will be voting for or against Evers. No one really votes for the lt. Governor in the general election-

And hey- in a democrat primary- she might be able to outlast and out-bully the other democrats running.

And so- I believe this is Lena’s thinking: I can take a step up by winning a weak primary and then-not-being at the top of a ticket in the general election. I’ll just be the name ‘in the weeds’ under Evers.And hey, it worked for Mandela.

And hey-if she’s the first one to enter the race: as a black democrat from Milwaukee- maybe she thinks she can scare away other challengers.

So, she’s in.

But I love this quote-from her announcement n/c yesterday:

"I believe that it’s important to strengthen the ticket and I look forward to being a team player to help bring Gov. Evers across the finish line,"

Mandela Barnes is running for the senate, and so he won’t be on Evers’ ticket.Lena insists that she ‘strengthens’ the ticket.

As I said on Twitter yesterday: Lena doesn’t bring strength to the ticket. She brings ‘crazy’ to the ticket.

She also had this odd comment:

She said she intends to focus her campaign on agricultural and food issues and music, which Taylor described as tools that can help unify the state. 

Is ‘music’ a political issue?

How so?

If a reporter who attended asked her to clarify, molly beck of the j/s didn’t include the response.

She’s going to campaign on ‘music’?


that’s such an odd thing to mention, I cannot believe reporters just let it go.She sounds like a mental patient, and they let it pass?

My top issues are taxes, mixed nuts, and elephants.

Great. Thank you, Lena. I’ll just print that with no follow up, because i don’t want you to call me a racist, so.... see you on the campaign trail....

We don’t have a single reporter in Wisconsin who really does their job, anymore, I guess.

story credit: jsonline
photo credit: Fox 6 News

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