Progressives speaking "woke" doesn't reveal elitism, it reveals stupidity

Jay Weber Show transcript 10-4-21 7:40am

James Carville is one of the older democrats trying to save his own party from itself. Carville has been doing interviews blasting the type of ‘new democrat’ that has taken over the party. These new cry bullies who insist they have truth on everything, and a deeper knowledge of ‘all matters’ than the rest of us do.

And yet, when they open their mouths, they sound like bullies and idiots.

Carville’s take on these progressives is:

“The danger is that when you communicate to people in this woke language that they don’t use, they think you think you’re better than them. It reminds people you’re caught up in a coastal, urban, elite, self-important view of the world,” Mr. Carville told The Washington Times in an interview.

That’s true- as far as Carville goes. He doesn’t ‘complete the circle’ if you ask me.

Yes, of course these socialist progressive bullies like AOC, and Rashida Talib, and Ilhan Omar, and Marc Pocan, etc...Of course, they think they are better or smarter than the rest of us.

But what they are proving-with their woke language- is the opposite. Do you follow me?

They want to prove how smart and enlightened they are by using the latest, most ‘woke’ language they can muster...

But-in using that language and bowing to that bologna- what they are proving is that they are among the dumbest and most gullible amongst us, right?

Face it: if someone or some group...that claims to know what’s best tells you that ‘men can have children, and so you have to stop using the term ‘woman’ and instead use the term ‘birthing person’ and you do it. You’re an idiot.


And so-that is what these ‘woke’ terms, and this ‘woke’ bullying has revealed to me: that some segments of our young people are gullible morons. People with no backbones who can be easily lead-and mislead.

Being ‘woke’ isn’t proving you are somehow smarter or better than the rest of us. It’s proving you’re an idiot.

If you are buying into this stuff, I’m sorry to break the news to you, but you’re not smarter than the rest of us, you’re one of the dumber ones amongst us.

If someone who tells you they are ‘enlightened’ insists you must abandon ‘him and her’ in favor of other pronouns that a person invents for themselves....and you just have to play along, sorry, you’re an idiot if you do it.

If someone insists: I’m not a she, I’m a ‘they’...and I insist you refer to me that way.

The only reasonable response to that is: shut up, I’m not playing into your hang-ups or little power plays.

If you bend the obvious, or cave to the idiotic, by definition- you are not among the ‘smartest’, are you? You’re among the dumbest.

And so-that’s what Carville omits, here: it’s not that most voters hear ‘workeism’s’ and think that person is trying to be smarter than the rest of us....

What we hear-is stupidity. In fact, Greg, rack up the AOC audio we have here: this is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez at some gathering of protestors outside the capitol on Friday-after she and the socialist squad refused to pass the 1.2-trillion-dollar reconciliation bill.

She’s trying to argue that ‘getting nothing’ is better than ‘getting something’.

This goes back to the long-time reality in politics-in DC and around the country-sometimes you just must agree to get ‘some’ of what you want, if you can’t get ‘all’ of what you want.

You still moved your agenda ahead. Still got something for your constituents, etc. It’s a long time bow to common sense: Ronald Reagan said-if I can get 80 percent of what i want-I’ll take it, then come back for the rest another day. Makes total sense, right?

Well-not to the indoctrinated ‘woke’ cry bully.

So-there’s ‘woke’.

There is AOC- as a bright young ‘new democrat’ trying to expose conventional wisdom as wrong.

Does she, do it?

Is she convincing?

No. She sounds like an idiot, and most people who hear that- hear ‘stupid’. They don’t hear ‘elite’. They don’t hear ‘smart’ as Carville suggests.

They hear, ‘arrogant stupidity’. Correct?

AOC, Omar, etc., this new breed of democrat- project an arrogance and a stupidity at the same time, that hits a lot of us as comical.

You are so dumb. But so certain that you are ‘so right’ or ‘so enlightened’.

It’s funny, when you realize that yes, AOC-does think-she’s better than the rest of us. And she does because she’s so secure in her own idiocy.

That’s what’s hurting the democrats, politically. And it won’t go away if AOC and Ilhan Omar and the rest of them stop using ‘woke’ language, today. They’ll still be dangerous idiots who have no business making the important decisions facing this country.

It’s not the ‘woke’ terms that will cost them the election. It’s the fact that the use of those terms -reveals someone who is a dangerous idiot.

Socialist squad member Pramila Jayapal is the leader of a sub-caucus of Pelosi’s house democrats, and after her members dug in and agreed to-not pass- an infrastructure bill that would give failing, flailing democrats their first political win in 9 months...

And would have congress moving to do-at least some good- by addressing at least a few needs of the American people-

After blocking-any- win or progress-for anyone-

Jayapal told reporters: I am so proud of our caucus.

She was-so proud- of her caucus.... getting nothing.

She was-so proud-of her caucus for denying the American people better roads and bridges-until or unless she can extort us to more govt. spending.

Okay.We conservatives don’t want any of it to pass, anyway, so we will encourage Jayapal’s arrogant stupidity.

I’ll take the same position on Bernie: he was insisting that Jayapal was doing an extraordinary job and went on a rant about how two senators should not be able to block the wishes of 48 others.

He didn’t think Manchin and Sinema should be able to block a larger reconciliation bill because ‘two holding up 48’ isn’t democracy.

Others had to remind him that-ah...Bernie...there are 50 republicans who also don’t want you to cheat and pass your agenda this way, and so- 52 against 48-is- democracy.

Remember-Bernie Sanders was the dangerous idiot sitting in the corner of the democrat caucus room-for decades- until they decided he wasn’t.

No.He still is.

Bernie sanders is still a dangerous idiot. And the American people still don’t like what he’s selling.

Most people don’t hear Bernie and think ‘smart’. They hear him and think ‘extreme’ or ‘nutty’.

And the proof is in the polling. Biden’s poll numbers have tanked, as he caved to the loony left.

story credit: Washington Times
photo credit: Getty Images

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