If everyone is a victim, then no one can be held accountable

Victimhood mentality is at the heart of the Left. 

It is their currency, their focus, and in some cases their very reason for living. 

Decades of identity politics have split Americans off into ever-smaller groups. That was on purpose. The idea is to always find a victim. To always find someone who needs more help. Find someone who can be used to weaken and divide their opponents. 

Victimhood creates two things that fuel the Left. 

It creates victimizers. Middle class whites, men, Trump supporters, Israel, anyone who doesn’t want to date a trans-woman. They are all victimizers. Their victims are always pure. 

It creates a lack of personal responsibility. If you are a victim, someone else is to blame for your failings. You cannot be held accountable because nothing is ever your fault. 

The left knows this, which is why young Leftists want to change the language and change the culture to make everyone a victim.

Photo Credit: Meme

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