Biden destroyed our energy independence in 4 months.

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-4-21 6:40am

One of the greatest shames and disappointments of our current situation-with Biden in office and being controlled by left wing zealots-

Is that we had just achieved energy independence as a country.It was a sixty year dream-realized: America as a country that was producing all of the energy that it needed to operate, domestically.

Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, both Bush’s, even Obama all gave it lip service: we needed to have a nation with a balanced and independent energy policy.

Trump achieved it. And for the record, he encouraged all types of energy production: from coal, oil and natural gas, to wind, solar and nuclear.

Trump had nothing against green energy, even if he wasn’t willing to buy into the extreme global warming bologna that the left has been pushing for nearly 30 years now.

Trump was okay with wind and solar. He just had a more realistic take on how it fit into the overall energy picture.He knew going totally green wasn’t reasonable of feasible, and he knew we were going to be relying on fossil fuels for many generations to come.

And so- his focus was on more natural gas and oil exploration and it helped lead to trump’s hugely successful economic recovery-and boom-until covid-19 hit.

America was energy independent and becoming an exporter of oil and natural gas.

And now Biden is in office, and listening to the biggest crackpots, extremists, and zealots on the left...and undoing some of it.

I loved to see Florida and Alaska join a lawsuit against the Biden regime for cancelling the keystone XL pipeline expansion. It is one of the most reasonable and logical energy projects of the last two decades-and it’s a big win for everyone involved-

Including-environmentalists who claim they hate to see oil and gas transported in trucks and trains. Pipelines are a safe and efficient way to move the stuff around- and this was going to be a great new way to get oil from Canada to gas refineries in the Texas gulf area.

23 or 24 states involved in this lawsuit, and I am glad they are pressing it.

And Biden’s interior department hasn’t stopped its attacks on other projects, either.

You might have heard that -this week- the interior department suspended several oil and gas leases in the arctic that Trump’s administration sold in the waning days of their era.

This is become a ‘standard’ excuse for the left as they rushed to challenge Trump’s moves: to claim that a ‘process wasn’t followed here’...

And most often, they lost their challenge, but they need some reason, or excuse to challenge it in court.

Now Biden’s executive branch has used the same excuse to kill off both the keystone pipeline and this drilling in Anwar.

‘a process wasn’t followed. We need more environmental review’.

Which is crap, of course. These projects have passed government review, after review, after review. But all Biden’s team needs is-the excuse- to kill off the project- knowing that even if lawsuits will follow...they will take years to sort out.

Members of Biden’s own justice department just recently defended Trump’s position in court, and said all environmental reviews had been done.

Larry Kudlow raised the alarm this week on an executive order that Biden is going to issue soon-that is so outrageous that it basically allows the federal government and it’s agencies to do -anything-that they’d the name of global warming.

Kudlow has read the fact sheet on this all-encompassing new executive order-and says it would.

For 25 or 30 years- ever since al gore and the left latched onto this global warming myth...I have been saying that the real power of the that it gives the left an excuse to control every part of our lives. Dictate-every action and element- of life in America.

And 25 years later-you can see how it has played out: how they are closer than ever to realizing that dream.

The dream of using ‘climate change’ as the excuse to dictate and control -every part-of American life.

It has been the mission all along, and it has been why they have been so deeply, deeply, invested in the climate change lies for as long as they have, even though most of them have been scientifically debunked.

You see where we are now. Right where I predicted we would be. The power of the global warming movement -is that it is an umbrella under which they have been able to put virtually all of their other extreme and crackpot -and bullying- schemes.

After all- if the world is in danger if we don’t all do what they want us to do- well...

Why do you want to destroy the world, by refusing?

photo credit: Getty Images

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