Biden's shocking SIX TRILLION dollar budget proposal

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-28-21 8:30am

My friends, Joe Biden and his insane clown posse...are proposing so much new spending...and so many new expansions of government fast...that it’s impossible for the average American to even keep up.

They are calling for so much expansion of government- in so many different ways and in so many different packages- that anyone who only casually watches the news cannot possibly understand the scope of it.

And by the way, anyone who still insists they aren’t socialists should be punched in the stomach. The whole ‘don’t call us socialists. You’re just trying to smear us with the ‘s’ word’ whine...should be out the window.

Because this level of spending is crazy.

And in an attempt to simplify it- I will sum up Biden’s spending jag this way: so far, he’s spent two-trillion dollars on fake covid-19 relief. That’s already been rammed thru congress.

And so far-he has four-trillion dollars more worth of proposals that we will call ‘special spending’. That’s the two ‘infrastructure packages’. One on real infrastructure, and one on ‘human infrastructure’....good god.

So that’s six-trillion dollars that Biden and the democrats want to ram thru congress and spend over the next 8 to 10 years in the name of ‘building America back better’...

And all of that spending-and more- baked into the permanent fiscal pie....would take our annual 4-trillion dollar federal budget...and make it an six-trillion dollar yearly budget next year-with it ballooning to 8.2-trillion dollars by 2030.

Don’t be confused. You will hear about a six-trillion dollar budget proposal today. It actually balloons to 8.2-trillion dollars over the next 8 years...

But this six trillion isn’t in addition to the six trillion they are currently trying to ram thru congress...what this is is Biden’s team incorporating that spending into the yearly federal budget.

They are acting as if this will all pass and what it will mean for America. It will take our current level of annual spending by the federal government from about 4.5-trillion to over 8-trillion-dollars- within just a few years.

It’s insane.

Folks, it was outrageous and alarming when Barrack Obama and Nancy Pelosi nearly doubled our federal budget during the Obama years.

Remember? Pelosi and Obama took a 2.5-trillion dollar federal budget from the Bush era, and added another 2-trillion dollars in spending-every year- during the Obama years...

So- as Obama left office, we had a 4.3 to 4.5-trillion dollar federal budget....and trump and the republican congress kept it roughly at that level of spending thru the trump era...

But now ole’ socialist Joe is in charge-and he is-with a straight face-insisting, yeah, we’re just going to double that figure 2030.

And please understand this: even with a screaming-good economy under trump- our federal tax schemes were only collecting about 3.5-trillion dollars from taxpayers each year.

So Biden wants to nearly double? The level of spending that we can actually afford?

You’d shoot your spouse if your family income was 75-grand a year, but he or she insisted on spending 150-grand a year. Wouldn’t you?

Joe Biden wants to spend almost double what we can actually afford each year. And make that our baseline federal spending?

Yeah-we just start with spending double what we can afford...and then we’ll go from there.

Who are these dangerous idiots running this country?

We are talking about the annual federal budget. How much the federal government spends each year to operate and control the American people?

President Biden’s pushing for a level of federal spending that we have not seen since world war two-when we were-literally!- engaged in a world war!

That’s a big lie right there, and embedded into their projections. Biden’s ‘economic programs’ don’t create the jobs or raise the tax revenue that he pretends they will...and everyone knows it.

So they are lying about how much tax money will come in and that means that they are lying about the trillions of dollars in new debt that they are adding to the national debt. It will be higher than the projection.

In short, it isn’t a serious budget. Republicans will never agree to it and it will never pass. Congress forms and passes a budget...not the president.

But it’s another warning for the American people: look at the democrats-would do- if they could do it?

Look at how patently crazy they are-in suggesting America should shift over to socialist style government. And they are telling you-they’ll do it if they are given the chance.

You’re a moron for voting democrat, at this point.

For 240 years- an intellectual defense could be launched to defend people who voted democrat.

For about 230 of those years- the parties were largely just arguing over how to build a strong country around the values that they all shared.

For about 230 years, there were good, America loving, god loving, patriots on both sides of the aisle...and you could make the case to vote democrat.

Now?It’s a radical party of America haters who-do not- want what’s best for this country. They only want to destroy it, and then rule over the ashes.

There is-no defense- for voting democrat, anymore. You’re a fool to do it.

Lucky for us- as i said earlier-

Luckily, the DC democrats are in too weak a position to get most of what they want, here.

The truth is that- it very quickly became apparent that Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi didn’t have the support that they need within their own caucuses to get most of this done.

And that was starting to become evident even before a first 100 days of Biden that led to a lawless border, killing off scores of jobs, gas shortages, price hikes, and inflation trending toward stagflation.

Fox news was making a big deal out of a poll yesterday that shows 47 percent of the American people already think Biden is too liberal and spending too much.

My only question is- who are the other morons who think otherwise?

I’m not saying that they aren’t going to get some fraction of this ugly spending approved, but the truth is, Biden and Schumer are in a far weaker position today than they thought they were in January.

In four short months, the democrats are back to being a desperate and divided party.

Because even their win over trump couldn’t erase the terrible divide that exists in this party between more traditional liberals...and raging socialists.

It has already been showing itself in DC.

I appear to be the only one talking about the fact that some number of Pelosi and Schumer’s own democrats won’t cooperate with the Biden/Schumer agenda.

As I said earlier, there’s a reason that Schumer and his leadership team, like Bernie, kept ‘threatening’ to take votes on this stuff....but aren’t taking votes on this stuff!

They don’t have them!

Schumer keeps threatening to ‘just force things thru’.

Okay then do it, chuckles.

He can’t. He doesn’t have the votes yet, and may never.

By fall...congressional democrats will be getting next year’s re-election campaigns going...and they won’t want to vote on anything controversial or radical.

These Dems have a very small window...and a party that is dividing at its center, again. That’s the reality the propagandist media won’t REPORT.

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