The disturbing silence on the rise of Black on Asian hate crimes

Jay Weber Show transcript 4/1/21 8:10 am

Andrew Cuomo and Bill deBlasio continue to ignore the epidemic of Black men engaging in hate attacks against Asians on New York’s streets.

It appears to be being made even worse by their idiotic “no bail’ policy that dumps criminals back onto the streets immediately to ‘keep on thugging’.

We have any number of these shocking, unprovoked attacks on video....and not just on New York streets...but on streets of big cities run by liberals across the country, like San Francisco, Atlanta.

The targets have been -not just Asian people- but elderly Asian people. These young bullies are also cowards, apparently. They’re engaging in sneak attacks, as it is, and then targeting elderly Asians who they are certain cannot and will not fight back.

Talk about cowards.

And then they taunt and strut away as if they’re big men. It’s just sickening.

And this latest attack in New York was caught on video from several angles, and couldn’t be more disgusting. Some big black guy with some chip on his shoulder kicks a tiny, elderly, Asian woman to the ground and then kicks and stomps on her several times more...before walking away.

And- as she struggles to get up....another black guy who is acting as a doorman in the building that this occurred out in front of simply walks over and closes the glass door to the ensure he doesn’t have to get involved.

The inhumanity shown in the video is incredible.

And the MSM is now talking about these increased attacks on Asians, but they still insist on leaving out the fact that these attacks caught on video have been-exclusively- Black on Asian.

There is no one that I have seen in the larger media community, or at the Black media outlets, who have called out Black America for these attacks.

Instead, we have a deep investment by the MSM and the socialist progressive bullies talking about ‘white supremacy’...and haranguing day after day after day...against phantom, made up, white supremacist haters who are allegedly attacking Asians....

When there’s no evidence of that, but we literally have evidence-on tape!- of angry black men attacking elderly Asians out of the blue.

In attacks that are-clearly- and purely- racial hate.

The one White-on-Asian attack that the left has pointed to as evidence of some white racial hate against Asians is that massage parlor shooting in Atlanta, in which the gunman was actually frequenting those prostitution houses and made clear that his motive-was not-racial hate.

But we’ve seen two weeks of the “woke” cry bullies trying to use it as evidence of some rise of attacks on Asians by white people. It’s the lone instance, and the shooter’s stated and obvious motive doesn’t match their narrative.

Meanwhile-these same ‘woke’ activists and talking heads, refuse to acknowledge the obvious truth that this rise in racial attacks on Asians is largely coming from the black community.

Why is that not a meme, or narrative? Or the subject of CNN and MSNBC handwringing?

Because white elites who control this socialist elitist crowd are afraid to be critical of Black Americans, or honest about what ails urban Black America, that’s why.

They, too, are racists and cowards, and their mission is to continue to divide by race and destroy America thru racial warfare, because their attempts to do so using class warfare thru-out the twentieth century didn’t work, that’s why.

But where is the rise of violence against Asians being seen? Exclusively-in these big, liberal run cities.

And who is committing it- almost exclusively?

Angry Black men, for some reason.

And liberal ‘woke’ America is afraid to acknowledge it. Mostly, because it doesn’t fit the narratives that they are pushing on race...

But also because it is happening -exclusively- in their liberal-run big cities. In short, they and the society that they have created in their cities over the last several decades- are to blame.

That’s why.

And their accomplice media covers for them. The scumbag who violently kicked around this 65 year old Asian woman in New York- was out on parole for killing his own mother back in 2002.

It’s interesting that a violent stabbing murder of his own mother only got him 17 years in prison...only to be put into a useless parole system, because even if parolees in the state of New York violate the conditions of their parole, now, they cannot be punished or sent back to prison.

After learning this guy’s story, the NYPD union slammed Cuomo, deBalsio, and New York’s lefty’s politicians for his release, and the fact that their new ‘no bail’ policy makes the state’s parole system useless.

I could find no word on whether this scumbag is now being held in the city jail due to the severity of his attack, or whether he was let right back out onto the street-again-due to Cuomo and deBlasio’s ‘no bail’ policy.

I’d think that would be an important part of the story, but I didn’t find the answer in any of the news coverage I came across.

And since New York judges are instructed to only hold New York criminals on murder and rape charges, I assume that, once Brandon Elliot was processed by the NYPD, he was immediately let go...and back onto the NY streets.

That’s how they handle thugs now, in NY. Even those caught on video engaging in their violent crimes.

And then there’s the equally shocking and disheartening side story...of the NY doorman seeing the attack occur on the street...and deciding that his a human being...was to close the lobby door and not get involved.

An elderly Asian woman is lying on the sidewalk in front of his doors...and he walks over, closes the door...and moves to a position near the door where he will-clearly-not be able to see her lying on the street.

This isn’t ‘our’ culture, as the coastal elites and lefty media types want to insist it is. This is ‘big city culture’.

We aren’t kicking elderly Asians to death out in rural and suburban America. This is a symptom of a toxic big-city America that the left wing elites created, in the cities that they have ruled -almost exclusively- for sixty years now.

We are living in an Orwellian world now, in which largely peaceful white America is now being blamed for the violent transgressions of urban minority America.


And the Biden white house, meanwhile, just goes along with it. As do the left-wing Asian organizations.

With all of these obvious Black-on-Asian attacks going on, the liberal activist pro-Asian groups are also blaming white supremacy, somehow, and demanding more Asian representation in government.

Okay, fine, but how is that going to help matters?

I laughed out loud earlier in the week when a reporter asked Jen Psaki whether the Biden team was taking these requests for more Asian voices more seriously...

And her response was: the white house will name a high level Asian to a White House position soon.

A ‘high level Asian’?

What is a ‘high level Asian’?

And no, Psaki wasn’t urged to clarify, no.

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The blue check liberal response is to blame white supremacy and Trump of course

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