The free market wins again

We are witnessing the magic of the free market. 

It is November. We should have a couple of coronavirus vaccines in a few weeks. We should have an at-home test in a few months. 

Think about it like this, we went from nothing to a 90% effective vaccine in about as much time as it takes for a baby to go from a wink and a nod to being born. And we did it without the ‘guiding hand’ of government. 

Pfizer yesterday was the latest to tout its vaccine. 

From RedState:

US drugmaker Pfizer released good news on Wednesday stating that its COVID-19 vaccine has been tested and passed with flying colors. What’s more, it can be ready to go by the end of the month.

According to the New York Post, the drug is doing far better than they anticipated with a 95 percent success rate over the 90 percent they originally predicted. Pfizer also said that the vaccine had no serious side effects with the exception of fatigue and maybe a bit of a headache. 

The other vaccines are all 90-plus-percent effective as well. 

The flu vaccine is only 50 percent effective, if that, in a given year. Some perspective, the measles vaccine is in the 90% range. 

That at home test? It too is incredibly effective. 

This is AMAZING. We are on the brink of finally having an option beyond masks and staying at home. 

What makes this even more amazing is how it happened. President Trump didn’t order the government to do something, he ordered the government not to do something. He told the FDA to essentially get out of the way. 

These drug companies, yes chasing a huge payday from the government, did the groundbreaking science on their open, performed trials on their own, and started manufacturing the vaccines on their own. 

Governors didn’t do anything. A blue ribbon panel wasn’t needed. Joe Biden’s proposed supply czar wasn’t necessary. Just the free market and less governor regulation. 

Socialized medicine didn’t do this. Canada and Sweden are nowhere to be found here, much less Cuba and Venezuela. 

It usually takes the FDA at least a year (if not more) just to study drugs. We went from nothing to a 90% effective vaccine in nine months. Amazing. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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