Another Trump Middle East Breakthrough You Didn't Hear About

Jay Weber Show transcript 10/27/20

Trump is in a good position to win this- and has the last-minute momentum.

I do wish he and his team would have touted their incredible list of accomplishments in a massive TV and radio campaign though and I mean-stretching months back- not now at the last minute.

This has-truly-been the most consequential presidency since Reagan.

For heaven’s sake-even now-in the final week before the election- trump has finalized a new peace deal in the Middle East.

This time its Sudan...saying they will enter into normalized ties with Israel.

Obama didn’t pull this off. Clinton didn’t. Bush didn’t, in fact, none of them made any strides toward Middle East peace or a calmer globe.

Trump has and he’s getting no credit for it-here-in America.

The guy has been nominated for the Nobel peace prize three or four times now-due to these incredible breakthroughs in the Middle East.

But he’s still getting very little coverage-and no credit- for these wins.

Over the weekend...Sudan entered into a formal agreement to ease tensions and increase cooperation with Israel...and yesterday...trump’s team said up to five more countries are in the pipeline to do so.

The most consequential President probably since LBJ or FDR and he may be a one-termer. It’s mindboggling to think that the country has been this polluted and diluted by the mainstream media and their propaganda machine.

I pray most Americans will see thru it.

I mean-can you imagine a Biden administration following thru and closing those five deals?

Not a chance.

Biden was VP for 8 years...and never proposed such deals to help Israel and to calm tensions.

In fact- Obama’s admin was hostile to Israel. He and John Kerry kept trying to get Israel to capitulate to the Palestinians and when be-be didn’t...he became a ‘back door’ visitor to the white house...remember?

All other dignitaries came in the front door...

Be-be and the Israeli delegation walked past the trash as they came in and out the back door.

The American media refuses to stress how important and game-changing these agreements are. But the people in the Middle East and in Europe and Russia know.

And the Jew haters- are furious:

This was trump’s doing.

Will the American people really kick him out of office early? In favor of a cartoonish Joe Biden?

I refuse to believe it.

But the disinformation campaign against president trump and the republicans has been relentless for four years....and most people are only casual observers of the news if they follow along at all.

If they are getting most of their information from a nightly news cast...or from the late night shows-they don’t know about any of trump’s significant accomplishments-

And one of them is ‘no terror attacks on u-s soil’ on trump’s watch.

Have you thought about that? We had several significant smaller terror attacks in America under Obama. Under trump? None.

He’s planting the seeds of what we can only hope will be a wider Middle East peace. He’s got operational control of our southern border for the first time in American history. He stopped the caravans of illegals that Obama and Biden were welcoming...

And all the American people have heard-if they are casual consumers of the media-is trump hatred and smear campaigns.

And Donald Trump might not have run the best campaign this second time around-but he’s been a historically great president.

And I can see you libs and a few never-Trumpers rolling your eyes. I don’t care. You are refusing to acknowledge accomplishment and history.

Donald trump has been a historically great president.

photo credit: Getty

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