Dane County Schools Show No Covid-19 Incidents

Jay Weber Show transcript 10/22/20 6:10 am

The Wisconsin State Journal had an interesting story yesterday, in which they ‘said it’, without ever explicitly coming out and ‘saying it’. The Dane county schools that are doing in-person teaching and have students back at school are doing just fine.

They are not seeing big covid-19 outbreaks. Schools are now the incubators or super-spreaders that the ninnying left insisted they would be. Even with the liberals at the WSJ-trying-to find some reason to be alarmed...they couldn’t find anything.

The districts they spoke to said, we’re doing fine.

And by the way-that take is consistent with what several studies now have shown: children are not super-spreaders...and reopened schools are not seeing super-spreader outbreaks.

A few cases among the staff or students? Sure. Worrisome outbreaks? No.

We’ve now got several significant studies that show our kids should be back in school. I’ll get to that but to me it’s remarkable that the lefties at the WSJ went out looking for evidence that reopening schools to in-person classes was turning out to be a bad idea...and what they found is: in person schooling in the Dane county districts that are doing it...are doing fine.

Now- there isn’t a single district in Dane county that is just back to normal. Back to having the kids in school five days a week, etc.

But....in whatever form these reopening take-there are no Dane county districts saying...my god, this was a mistake. We’ve got an outbreak.

At worst, they are saying...we have a few staffers out with it...

Or...we are having trouble finding subs. That’s about the extent of complaint in this Madison newspapers article.

How are Dane County districts with in-person learning doing with COVID-19?

Okay...but that’s not due to covid-19. That’s due to a bunch of Cambridge teachers trying to disrupt learning by not doing their jobs. That’s the way it sounds to me.

We’ve been seeing that in Wisconsin and around the country, too. All of us ‘frontline workers’ stepped up and rose to the occasion in the age of covid-19. Except for teachers.

Most wanted to be back in class but there is a cadre of them who would rather play unionista games and try to keep schools closed to screw up the election. We’ve seen this sort of union game playing in numerous districts in Wisconsin and around the country. I assume that’s what went on in Cambridge this week.

And it isn’t known whether those few got covid-19 from anyone at the school, obviously. We have no idea where these students or staffers were really exposed...but if it is that few cases it’s not likely that it was at school.

These schools that have decided to reopen classes in-person, have not had ‘spreader’ events. Period. Nor have districts in SE Wisconsin, obviously. Because if they had-we’d be hearing about it.

You have to realize that every liberal teacher and administrator and scare-ninny...has been waiting to leap on a report of a big outbreak at a school. And there hasn’t been one.

I know of couples with children in private and parochial schools that opened up -as normal- in August and September. The schools have had full class sizes-each and every day- for the entire semester. No troubles and no outbreaks.

The alarmism. The -certainty-from the so-called experts on the left that insisted reopening our schools to in-person learning was just a recipe for disaster....were wrong. Again. What a shock.

And as for the growing list of national and international studies that -so far- prove that

K-12 schools are not super-spreaders....

Some of them have been done overseas-in countries in which they never stopped classes or closed schools. There’s no evidence of children being vulnerable to catching it- nor passing it on. There is no evidence that a bunch of kid-carriers are passing it on to the teachers and adult staffers.

Then there’s the financial and developmental costs of keeping children out of school and away from education and a nurturing environment.

The evidence is starting to become very convincing: we need our kids back in school full time...and there’s no reason they cannot be.

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