This (once again) has to mean something

A vote is a vote is a vote.

In the end, yard signs don't vote. Celebrity endorsements don't vote. And Twitter polls don't vote.

But here in 2020, all of the things around and leading up to Election Day must matter. The huge signs of support and enthusiasm for President Trump must mean something, right?

For months we've seen huge crowds at Trump rallies, and nothing at Biden's get together. We see massive support across the middle of the country for the president, and tepid support of Biden himself. And now this. 50 Cent, the rapper who had a generation singing "Go shorty, it's your birthday" this week said he will vote for President Trump. I will spare you the f-word laden tweet, but Fiddy as he is known, said he cannot vote for Joe Biden because Biden plans to raise taxes through the roof. "I'm not trying to be 20 cent," Fiddy added.

Never mind that 50 Cent has provided a more strenuous look at a Biden policy than anyone at CNN or MSNBC, this is important because black celebrities are not supposed to vote for Trump. 50 Cent was blasted on Liberal and Black Twitter for daring to tell the truth. He was called everything but a sellout and Uncle Tom for daring to recognize that Joe Biden will be bad for a lot of people in this country.

50 Cent is not the only black rapper to signal that he is breaking with the Democrats. Ice Cube recently said he'd work with President Trump to get things done for the Black community. That is as much a recognition that Democrats have done nothing for Blacks for generations.

These are just two rappers, and two voters in very blue states. But given the stakes for daring to declare even an acceptance of the president, coming-out and sayin you support President Trump must mean something.

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