Vote Biden and you'll pay more in taxes, energy and living expenses

Jay Weber transcript 10/20/20 6:10am

More than ever, it is evident that Joe Biden is just a place holder for the party. Kamala Harris is too off-putting and unlikable to be on top of the we’ll have likeable ole’ Joe as the figure head and as the Trojan horse for this new brand of socialism the democrat activists want to force onto the country.

As one pundit put it over the weekend- this is a gaslight election.

I think that’s absolutely correct.

And if 8 in 10 voters say they are watching this race one new poll suggests...

Well then they’ve seen a tired and disinterested Joe Biden. They’ve seen a Kamala Harris that is clearly a fraud and a lightweight.

And they’ve seen -no- viable alternative to Donald Trump, who might annoy them, but who also has the country doing quite well, despite what the MSM whiners say.

As i said yesterday: focus on policy differences, not personality differences.

Joe Biden-will- raise your taxes. He-will- reopen the southern border to illegals,

Biden-will-be soft on law enforcement, and he -will- raise energy and gas prices.

These are givens. Those all-will-happen. And you know it, unless you haven’t been following along or cannot be honest with yourself.

Folks- gas right now in the Milwaukee area is somewhere between 1.82 and 1.99 a gallon. Do you really think it will remain low if Biden and Harris win?

Remember how it jumped up to about 3 or 3.50 a gallon during the entire Obama era?

Want to go back there?

Just on the basics, Biden means you are paying more in taxes, for energy and for living expenses.

The vast majority of Americans have always wanted law and order judges...and justices that follow the meaning and intent of the constitution and don’t try to mangle it to fit their latest activist cause.

Trump brought the makeup of the federal courts back to about even, ideologically, and appointed three very solid conservative justices.

Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett won’t always rule the way we conservatives want them to, but they are likely to always have a well-reasoned argument as to why they didn’t.

It won’t be some liberal activist pap...masquerading as a measured ruling.

For the average American-there are a laundry list of traditional issues and values that trump is far, far superior on...

And only Biden’s ‘less annoying’ personality to offset a voter’s mind.

Don’t focus on personality. Focus on policy. Because there are -drastic- policy differences between these two men.

No matter what else does or does not happen under a Biden administration-

A-Your taxes go up. On everyone.

B-Your energy bills and gasoline costs go up.

C-Biden reopens the southern border and the flow of millions of new illegals into the country resumes.

Those three things are guaranteed to happen.

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