We have data, but we need coronavirus answers

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services puts out a lot of information on the coronavirus. There is a daily count of the number of tests, the number of positives, the number of people in the hospital, and so on.

We have been tracking these numbers since March, and you'd think we'd have a good idea as to what the coronavirus is doing in the state. DHS and Gov. Evers may, but we the people do not.

We don't know for example, who is driving the recent spike in coronavirus cases. We also don't know where (outside of the general Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay triangle) people are getting sick. This shouldn't be a data issue, again we have plenty of data. So why don't we have any of these answers? Could it be because the data shows that most people in Wisconsin are not in imminent danger of getting sick? Are we not trying to find out who is driving this fall's numbers because the answer erodes the narrative that people need to be afraid?

Gov. Evers and his DHS have played-up the fear of this virus since March, and Election Day is just a few weeks away, so perhaps maybe he thinks it'd be a shame to change the story now. It would be a shame if the answers would ruin the narrative that he has going.

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