Why aren't the Bidens claiming slander? Crickets

Jay Weber transcript 10/16/20 7:10am

If only half of what Rudy Giuliani is claiming is true. Joe Biden will go down as one of the most corrupt people ever to be a US Senator.

We have proof now that his son Hunter was using access to Joe in order to enrich himself and take millions from businesses in foreign countries...

But if this can be more firmly established that Joe Biden willingly participated in what became a well-honed operation in which the Biden clan enriched itself-

This is a whole new ballgame.

For example, we have the hard-evidence emails that prove joe Biden is lying and he-did- cooperate with Hunter and meet with a corrupt Burisma businessman...

We have emails that make it clear Hunter Biden wanted to sell access to his dad to Chinese companies: ten million dollars just for introductions.

That’s quite damning.

But if it can be proven that Joe Biden was behind his son...encouraging all of this....as in, ‘yeah go follow up with the Chinese and say that for ten million they’ve bought access to the Obama administration’...

If that can be proven-it makes Joe Biden one of the most corrupt senators in US history and completely unfit for office.

And the basic links have been proven here-between the Biden’s and Burisma and the chi-coms...

And i want to be careful here-because in his later year’s here- Rudy Giuliani has had a tendency to exaggerate and make some bold claims...

But...Yesterday in a podcast...Rudy was claiming that some of the emails collected off of Hunter Biden’s computer show that the ‘family agreement’ was that big daddy Joe Biden got half of the cut of whatever money hunter and his family members managed to collect off of his name and selling access.

This is a deadly serious accusation...and a responsible and honest media would insist it be either corroborated or debunked-

Either way. This charge is too serious to -not- be thoroughly investigated.

The only email Giuliani released was on that -generically said- pop’s deal is that he gets half...

That is such a slanderous accusation that- if it’s wrong- Joe Biden and his family should have been jumping out of their skin to sue Rudy....my friends.

I know Biden has been in office 50 years and has thick skin but Rudy Giuliani-if incorrect-is engaging in a terribly slanderous act here...and any normal person would want to sue him and ruin him...for doing it.


And so- have we seen any genuine Joe Biden outrage yet? What about hunter? Even this sort of slander. Isn’t enough to lure him out of his hidey-hole?

Because, if Rudy is wrong, this is wild, terrible stuff to just ‘let go’.

Wow. That seems clear enough, doesn’t it?

It sounds like-yes- Hunter Biden is saying that the other family members that joe set up with cushy gigs had to agree to give half their ill-gotten gains to Joe.

Tell me that’s not worth a serious investigation by-any- major news outlet.

In fact, Rudy said: okay, left wing press, what are you going to do with that?

As i say-if it’s wrong-that is such terrible slander- it’s indefensible. Rudy Giuliani had better know what the heck he’s talking about here and have even more hard evidence to back it up.

But as for the NY Times, Wash Post, and the big network newsrooms-I’d think financial records from the Biden family would prove whether this scheme was true. Do some digging and insist that the Biden’s release some bank statements here.

And I’m telling’ yah: Rudy is teeing us up for some serious fireworks to come. I sure hope he’s not lying or exaggerating.

The left is going to insist Rudy Giuliani is off his nut. That he’s being goaded and egged on by Steve Bannon that all of this is insane, and nothing more than slander....

And so if Giuliani is going to persist in this-he’d better have some real bombshells coming over the next few days.

But what we already have-is highly alarming.

Face it-we already knew Joe Biden had likely hooked up hunter with some cushy gigs in Ukraine and China-

We also have known that Joe has set up other family members with cushy gigs and big money.

If there is solid proof that this was some corrupt Biden family cottage industry- then it cannot be ignored-and it is one of the greatest October surprises, ever.

Because it speaks to not only Joe Biden’s corruption-but the institutional ‘deep state’ corruption that has been covering for him for at least two years, once this information all became available in its current form.

For the FBI to sit on these hard drives is inexcusable...and you have to believe the whole system is rotten....that this never came out.

Is the entire system full of rotten, dishonest people who cover for each other? Or has one of the greatest federal prosecutors that this country has ever seen ...gone crazy in his old age? This is the question today. Because it’s either/or.

Either Giuliani really does have the goods on the Biden family and a multi-year cover up here, he’s nuts.

And so far-I see Rudy with at least some hard and highly suggestive evidence...and the Biden’s with no response beyond: it’s not true.

We also have Ron Johnson’s committee report- which is 87 pages detailing very questionable links and situations of a similar vein.

None of this is a stretch, folks. Joe Biden has some very serious questions to answer here.

One that the psychos have seemed to land on is: this is all Russian disinformation. This is all coming from Putin and Giuliani and trump are stupid enough to buy it.

Several things are wrong with that claim.

First: Biden wants trump out, if you think Vladimir Putin is a fan of trump...you are beyond hope. Trump has squeezed Russia in ways that no past president has-certainly not Barrack Obama or Joe Biden.

America’s oil and natural gas renaissance under trump has left Russia scrambling to shore up the biggest funder of government: their own oil and gas sales.

Remember how Russia rolled over Obama. Numerous times. Rolled right in and took Crimea. Rolled into Ukraine. Obama did nothing. Wouldn’t even send weapons to our allies.

Remember how Obama let Putin move in and fill the vacuum Obama’s inaction left in Syria and Iran?

Putin would-love!-to have Joe Biden win this election. So that’s the first reason this claim is ludicrous.

The second is that- if Vladimir Putin was engineering a last minute smear on Joe Biden. Why in the hell would he make it so complicated?

Putin wants to take Biden out....and the best he could come up with is...obscure dealings in foreign lands with people with hard names to pronounce?

Let’s get Biden by creating....very tenuous and complicated and impossible-to-follow plotlines?

Come on.

This would be the dumbest political attack in global history.

Putin is engineering this hit on Biden but he didn’t...oh... Fake some photos of Joe Biden naked with young girls...and release them?

I mean...the hair sniffing and inappropriate touching lends itself to that sort of smear. It’s one that is easy to understand and hugely scandalous...and one that a massive number of the American people would buy: so...Joe’s a pedo? Well that does explain some things...sure.

Putin didn’t go that way? Instead he went with a complex web of tedious financial links to people we’ve never heard of in far off, foreign lands?

Come on.

The Biden’s have some serious questions to answer here. As does our FBI...for not investigating this.

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