4 in 10 Democrats fear Biden is too old and 6 in 10 Independents.

Jay Weber Show transcript 10-14-20

Wouldn’t you think that Barrack Obama’s former white house doctor...declaring Joe Biden unfit for office...would be a big deal?

Shouldn’t that be major national news?

Well-it has happened, and it is yet another thing that Biden’s media accomplices are hiding from the public.

I think you remember Ronny Jackson. He’s a retired navy admiral who served as the White House physician between 2013 and 2018....under both Obama and trump.

He hasn’t been political, of course, as first a military guy and then a presidential doctor. Those are both instances in which its’ important to remain politically neutral.

Ronny Jackson has not been some big trump shill or lifelong republican. He’s been as a-political as possible, serving in these roles and now retired...yes.... Is running for a Texas house seat as a Republican. But still....Dr. Ronny Jackson said yesterday...of Biden...quote...he’s not up to the job.

This should be big news, and a potential game changer in the election. Honestly.

A former white house physician comes out of the blue to say Joe Biden’s mentally unfit for office?

But in the lefty media-crickets chirp. The conservative leaning Washington Times had it, though.

Former White House doctor says Biden 'not up to the job' mentally

She’s also a former defense dept. insider and a whip smart fox analyst.And so the democrats are going to point to Jackson and McFarland’s political affiliations and blow this off as fake news...

But would they if two well-respected dc veterans said the same thing- about trump?

Can you imagine if Ronny Jackson and KT McFarland-long time, trusted, DC insiders- said trump was mentally unfit?

Would these same news outlets be ignoring it? Of course not. Then it-would be! - headline news.

And Jackson’s assessment is pretty severe:

We cannot elect this man commander in chief.

McFarland is correct: our foreign enemies won’t treat Biden with kindness because he’s a nattering old man. They’ll take full advantage of it.

And this comes as ‘You Gov’ releases a poll that shows six in ten Americans say they are either concerned-or very concerned-about Biden’s age.

Public concerned about Biden's age, Washington Examiner/YouGov poll finds

Let me extract the numbers that really matter:38 percent- nearly four in ten-democrats fear Biden is too old and a full six in ten independents believe that.

Those are the sorts of numbers that could absolutely flip the election-if Biden’s team cannot keep him under wraps and in the basement...between now and Election Day.

Any more gaffes or obvious displays of this senility...and Biden’s candidacy withers.

And this is why Donald Trump should have not been so aggressive and interrupting in the first debate.Not only was it way too much....and so he came off looking like an ass to undecided voters.

But....it also meant that Joe didn’t have time to ramble and try to string thoughts together for two full minutes...while trying to answer a question.

In the final debate, folks, trump’s best strategy is to-not-interrupt and to let Biden ramble because if, over the course of a 90 minute debate, Joe Biden has only one or two...’senior moments’...its’ enough.

Just one or two moments in which Joe Biden is obviously ‘lost’....and they get magnified into ‘the story of the debate’...and Biden’s mental acuity becomes the biggest focus of the final days before the election.

Trump-must- be quiet and let Joe ramble.

Because-after Monday-when Joe was forgetting mitt’s name and calling him ‘the Mormon’, and after saying he was running for the Senate and forgetting what state he was in....

You can bet that Biden’s’ campaign is going to put him back under a more strict lock down.

For heaven’s sake...ole Uncle Joe was just starting to get a little freedom again.do a few more events from outside the basement...and he couldn’t handle it. The senility and the old gaffe machine resurfaced quickly.

Meanwhile- Donald trump looks as strong and as energized as he ever has.I said early on-this is the only man who seems to actually enjoy this job! He’s the only president i have seen in my lifetime who appears not to have aged...and appears to actually—thrive-in this job. Trump loves running things. He loves being president.

And he looks as strong as ever-at 74....while Joe Biden looks, and sounds, every bit his age.

At some point even hair plugs, plastic surgery, and capped teeth can’t hide how ancient you are.

And Joe looks old, tired, and weak.

Physically and mentally.

And by the way- 60 percent of democrats-are not really worried about trump’s age. They only answered the question that way because they knew what the poll was about: Biden’s age. So they answered the way they did in an attempt to counter the issue for Biden.

Oh, yeah, trump looks old and mentally feeble too, yeah.

No. He doesn’t. And they know it.

Until it is too close to the election to make a difference to the people who are hurting....

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