Biden's refusal to answer shows he knows court packing is cheating

Jay Weber Show transcript 10/12 7am

My friends...over the last few days....Joe Biden has repeatedly said that no, the voters do not deserve to know whether he intends to help pack the supreme court and steal a second branch of government for the liberals if he’s elected.

Thursday and Friday he vowed that he-by god- will not reveal his position on court packing-which is nothing more than cheating...

Then Saturday- he went further and said- hey-you people do not deserve to know who or what you are voting for, no.

Here’s his response to a reporter in Las Vegas....

So- no, screw you. Joe won’t admit he’d allow his fellow democrats to steal the Supreme Court in their bid for permanent political control of America...

And Biden also said again on Saturday that this move by the republicans to follow the constitution and confirm a new Supreme Court justice was instead ‘unconstitutional and court packing’.

Folks-joe Biden proved again that-when cornered-he escalates and lies. It’s a flat out lie that anything the republicans are doing here is unconstitutional.

It’s simply lying. Donald trump is president until January 19th of next year. He’s got every right-and the senate has every right and duty-to seat that Supreme Court justice. And Joe Biden knows it.

But he’s banking on low information voters not to. So- he lies and claims trump and the republicans are breaking the constitution. That’s scummy. And then he goes further, and in an even scummier move, tries some Orwellian maneuver to redefine what court packing is.

It was a super scummy weekend of falsehoods for Joe Biden, my friends.

And he and kamala Harris are getting-so much heat-for refusing to answer the court-packing question...that Pelosi and Schumer tried to toss them a lifeline this weekend....and sent out talking points that all democrats are now engaged in this Orwellian maneuver to try to, no it’s the republicans who are court packing.

I know you in this audience know this-but- all the republicans have been doing is filling vacancies. They haven’t added more judges in order to try to gain political control of the judiciary.

These were-existing-vacancies that needed to be filled...and thanks to Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer...they’ve been really good at filling them. Obama left what?150 vacancies?

All the GOP did was fill them. That’s not court packing. That’s making sure the federal judiciary has enough judges to hear cases and keep our court system running.

The democrats-by contrast-are talking about adding to the number of judges on the Supreme Court in order to regain an ideological advantage and steal the Supreme Court to help validate -other unconstitutional legislative moves-as the Dems engineer permanent control in this country.

That’s why they want the Supreme Court.

They want the court to validate their future illegitimate, bullying moves. Not shoot them down.

Over the weekend-the democrats found a political line of attack they like that gives Joe Biden some cover and that stupid voters will believe: let’s accuse the republicans as being the ones who are packing the courts. We’ll change the definition of what court packing means...and pound hard on it for three weeks-and all sorts of low information voters will believe it.

Once again, the liberals resort to accusing republicans of doing something that they actually want to do.To steal the judicial branch of government ourselves when we get the chance.

I don’t care if you are a Liberal or a Democrat: at least be honest with yourself and admit Joe Biden is lying to the country when refuses to answer the court packing question.


Well-because of course Joe Biden would do it. Of course a ‘President Biden’ would go along with his party’s court packing scheme.

But he can’t admit that. So he’s actually saying ‘ I will answer that question after the election’....and he looks like an ass doing it. are running for office...but you aren’t going to share your ideas, thoughts, policies, positions- until after we elect you?

And the polls say you’re winning?

And to be clear: Biden appears to be pretending that it is unconstitutional to approve a Supreme Court judge once the voting has started.

‘People are already voting,’ he claimed....’that’s unconstitutional’.

No it’s not. Not in any way. Trump is president until January 19th.He gets his full four years-just like any democrat president does.

And the rules of the constitution apply for all four years. There is no constitutional addendum, addition, index, or amendment...that says once voting has begun on the next election a president or congress’s powers are suspended.

It’s an idiotic claim Biden is making. Don’t be an idiot and fall for it.

And by the way, I love the ‘voting is already underway’ line that he uses.

The only reason it is because democrats have tried to rig elections for themselves by starting voting earlier and earlier and earlier and earlier. The election date is still three weeks away.

Folks...Biden and Harris are starting to be -pounded- on this issue.At least six in ten voters say they do not agree with court packing.

And Biden and Harris -clearly- approve of it if it means a permanent majority for their party.

It’s a scummy, cheating move and everyone knows it.

And if you aren’t willing to come right out and denounce a scummy, cheating move, it means you support it-and everyone knows it.

They are getting pounded on this one.

This is an attempt by one party to take permanent control of the branch of government that is supposed to be the referee for the other two.

Yes. Today’s democrats are taking all of their cues from activist, radical, socialist extremists...and they must be stopped. Slapped back in this the hopes that they moderate before they regain power again.

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