Biden claims the moral choice, accuser begs to differ

Jay Weber Show Transcript 10/6/20 7:09am

My Catholics and evangelicals are rising up to slam two new Joe Biden ads that suggest that he-Biden- is the more moral choice this fall.

Yep. The Biden camp is actually calling him the quote clear moral choice in this election’.

The guy who smeared and tried to ruin Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas, and who has a history of lying and telling tall tales and plagiarizing and calling racists friends...and having been handsy with women as he took advantage of his place of privilege for over40 years....

The guy in the race who is staunchly pro-abortion now-

He’s the more moral choice .Here’s one of the ads that have set off the religious right:

Biden riles pro-life Catholics with ads depicting him as 'clear moral choice' for religious voters

So that’s the first spot-and we’ll get back to it: Joe Biden, the pious Catholic church-goer who just never mentions that he rejects one of the most important moral directives of the faith: to be pro-life.

Then there’s a second ad that has pious Joe...reading psalms.

None-the-less, the Biden campaign has a seven figure ad buy that will be run on relevant radio and other religious stations.

And for their part, relevant radio has already put out statements to listeners saying, essentially: hey, we do not agree with the content of these ads, but we must accept them as advertisement during a political season.

So don’t blame the stations. Blame the Biden campaign.

And i be i am the-only one- to make this connection...but these ads started running on the same day that60 minutes Australia....ran a hard-hitting segment on Biden’s history of sexual harassment of women...and the accusation of felony rape against him...from accuser Tara Reade.

Remember Tara Reade? Because the American media doesn’t want you to.

And there can be no better example of the sort of dark blanket of protection that the American media has over Joe Biden...then to point out that Tara Reade, Biden’s accuser, is being interviewed and having her story told in countries -other than-America.

If that’s not an indictment of the propagandist machine that the u-s media has become I don’t know what is.

We need to go to Australia to hear Tara Reade’s firsthand account of how Joe Biden harassed her, and ultimately forced his fingers into her, years ago.

And I’m going to play some of it, because 60 minutes, US, won’t.

Biden Rape Accuser Tara Reade: He Was A Hero Of Mine, He's Like "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing"

This piece goes on for a bit. Then we get to Reade’s description of Joe Biden’s sexual assault. This would be a felony assault, if charged.

That’s difficult to listen to.And the piece goes on to verify that Reade told this same story to a close friend a few years later. She told her mother immediately and there’s credible proof of that, i believe.’s a story that our u-s media quickly reported on months ago because they felt they had to-and then quickly dismissed. And if it came back up now...they’d claim ’we already covered that’.

This is how it’s done.Get a few stories out of the way early, and then claim, ‘oh, we’ve already covered that’.

If the women in the DC and NY media who pretend to be pro-woman and me-too were sincere, they’d bring this horrific story back for a fuller examination about now...wouldn’t they?

Instead they want to stay focused on fake news about Donald Trump.

It proves that the democrat women on the hill-like Pelosi and Tammy Baldwin- don’t really care about women’s rights or issues. Not if they can’t play cheap political games with them. They defended the pigs like Al Franken on their own side of the aisle.

Tammy was a good friend of AL’s in the senate.

And it proves the women in the media-the Andrea Mitchell’s of the media...don’t really care about women’s issues and the me-too movement. Not if it means correcting one of their own on the left.

But let’s connect this back to moral Joe, shall we?

What did he say in his ad?

What did he say his dad told him the cardinal sin was? Abusing power? Whether it was lifting a hand to a woman or...what now?

What a slime bag.

And i know what liberals and pious Never Trumpers are saying: Trump paid off two women to try to keep them quiet.

Yep. About consensual affairs. Not felony assaults. Nothing criminal.

And the voters have already made their decision on whether they found those payoffs important enough to keep trump out of office.

But how can the American people make a decision on Biden’s past transgressions-and this alleged crime-if they aren’t told about them?

and on the economy?

No Joe, You Didn’t Hand Trump A Booming Economy

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