President Trump's coronavirus battle doesn't fit the media narrative

What is the story of President Trump’s coronavirus?

If the president, God forbid, passes away the story is simple. A killer virus has killed the president. The virus is a very real threat to people over 70, and not even the President of the United States and the best doctors can change that.

Again, God forbid.

But what happens when (and it likely is a when) he recovers? What happens then?

Will any of the Orange Man bad journalists admit they were wrong? Or ghoulish? Or routing for the president to be sicker?

Jake Tapper on Sunday embodied that idea.

“Regardless of the sympathy we may feel, we also know the president has been undermining these efforts, expressing disdain for health regulations and those who abide by them.” Tapper said. “Sick and in isolation, Mr. President, you have become a symbol of your own failures. Failures of recklessness, ignorance, arrogance. The same failures you have been inflicting on the rest of us.”

“Get well, and please, for the rest of us who don’t get to go to Walter Reed, get well and get it together.”

A symbol of your failures? Is everyone who tests positive a failure as well? Do the other people who’ve gotten sick deserve to have the virus?

That’s the attitude that President Trump deserves to get sick.

It’s not just the media. Liberals across the country seem to believe the president deserves to be sick. A Morning Consult Poll had some interesting results.

“The poll found that a stunning 40 percent of Democrats reported feeling ‘happy’ over the news, while 31 percent reported feeling ‘excited.’

“The poll also found that a disturbing 61 percent of Democrats were either “not too concerned” or “not concerned at all” about ‘Trump’s well-being,”’and that 56 percent of Democrats were either ‘not too concerned’ or ‘not concerned at all’ about ‘Melania’s well-being’.”

This is who these people are.

Which is why the story after the president gets better becomes more important.

I expect the president to do a victory lap. He has before. It is who he is. But it is also the right thing to do.

We are bombarded with stories everyday of rising coronavirus numbers. More positive tests, more deaths. We never hear about the recoveries. Not here in Wisconsin, not nationally.

We are about to hear about the president’s recovery. He will likely soon be able to speak firsthand about the impact of the virus, his treatment, and his road to recovery. He will be a living and breathing (literally) counter to the pro-virus reporters out there who want us to live in fear.

Think about it. If a 74-year-old who eats KFC and is a bit pudgy can beat the coronavirus, why are we so alarmed because healthy 22-year-olds are testing positive? Why are schools still closed? Why are some states still shutdown?

President Trump’s diagnosis is being reported as a failure. ‘He is sick because he doesn’t believe in masks.’ The bloviating is nauseating.

Which is why the story of his recovery becomes so much more important. Though I doubt there will be much coverage. The narrative from the Orange Man Bad press has always been that the only good coronavirus stories are deadly coronavirus stories. And that doesn’t look to be the story here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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