The MSM pretends pro-athletes aren't lures for votes

Jay Weber Show transcript 10-1-20 7:45am

I notice that both the Wisconsin State Journal and Dan Bice of the J/S engage in the same cutesy stunt...and claim that a GOP objection to having athletes and local sports teams as a lure for early about Bango or the Racing Sausages.

You have to work to miss the obvious point, and objection, that the Wisconsin Republican party is making. And yet- here’s how bice writes it up:

Bango, Bernie Brewer and the Famous Racing Sausages are officially on notice. 

Notice how bice focuses on the mascots as a way to downplay this and mock republicans for it.

Even if he’s just trying to be cute, he’s being intellectually dishonest and he’s glossing over a genuine issue-

And a genuine violation of state election law: what Hitt is saying is, in two parts:

First- the GOP is objecting to even having them as early voting locations, given that bucks and brewers players might be walking around the venues and that -in and of itself- would be a thing of value that lures voters.

But also- Hitt is drawing a line.

If the Milwaukee election commissioner is going to have early voting sites at the Fiserv or Miller Park...he cannot have a ‘come meet Giannis and vote’....event.

Or throw a pitch to Ryan Braun and then vote...event.

That would be illegal. And given all of the activist BLM stuff that we have seen out of these players recently, especially the Bucks players...

And given that the players union encouraged their team’s cities to make their arenas voting locations-

It is not a stretch to believe that the next step would be- featuring the players as way to lure in voters. Sorry. It’s illegal.

And Andrew Hitt is right to put the Milwaukee clerk and commissioner on notice: don’t even try it.

And he mentions the mascots because they, too, could be used as a lure. He’s being clear: we don’t even want to see Bango or the racing sausages out there...that’s a ‘promotion’, not a legal early voting station.

He doesn’t mention Bernie Brewer.

Is Bernie Brewer still around? Or did he die?

Maybe Bernie’s a conservative....and so...he’s not a GOP worry here...

But- you get the point and it’s a serious point Hitt is making. And having the liberal newspapers make light of it, again, shows their bias, and apparently, their total lack of concern over fair elections.

Come on. They have- already held! A registration event that featured the sausages!

Why were they there-if not to promote the event and lure in people?

She exposes herself as a liberal with a rooting interest by playing dumb I hardly believe the sausages are a lure...

Then why did you have the sausages there?

Woodall-Vog exposes herself as a partisan doing the job of someone who is supposed to be careful to be non-partisan.

Bice also quotes Tyler Barnes...a long time spokesman for the brewers...who says..

“He said the team had no plans to have players or mascots at its early voting site.

He’s wrong.We have seen the democrats-and Maistelman- use every dishonest dodge they can dream up.

If they held a ‘come meet Giannis and vote’ event, there would be no doubt that would be an illegal thing of value...

And Maistelman would claim...’what? Giannis just had some off time...and wasn’t telling vote...’


These democrats always have a scummy angle.

How about trying to follow the laws-as well as the spirit of those laws- and have a fair election?

Can democrats win a fair election?

Clearly-they don’t think so.

And boy, are they pulling out the dirty tricks and pushing the legal boundaries this year.

I would bet you that a few ‘meet the bucks’ events were already in the works.

Want to bet?

I’d remind you that -as part of their BLM preening-the players union insisted that their venues be used as voting and registration locations.


How is the Fiserv different from a library or any other location?

Well- the players and even the arena itself hold marquee value. NBA players are a lure for people of all races, of course, but especially for members of the black community.

And boy, do the democrats need to boost the black vote if they are going to get Joe Biden into office and all the activist players know it, right?

So what better way to bring in black voters who otherwise wouldn’t have voted than to feature NBA players at the polling station?

I don’t know about the brewers. I’ll take Tyler Barnes at his word-but they already did loan-out the sausages.

But the Bucks players-including Giannis-have been far more political. And I’m willing to bet that the NBA and lefty city clerks have been kicking around ideas to use players as lures.

Story credit: J/S online

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