Yes, Donald Trump DOES have a second term agenda. A 49 point agenda

Jay Weber Show transcript 8/25/20

The Democrats and their glitterati media are making a big deal out of the Republican Party not having an official platform this year.

And I admit that’s odd-but this is Ronna McDaniel, the RNC chair, working closely with trump, and realizing that the trump agenda is the party agenda.

And so-the party is apparently going to simply second, or support, Trump’s second term agenda, and move on.

But the left and the Trump hating republicans are trying to make a big deal out of it now:holy cow, now it’s official. The Republican Party stands for nothing. It’s just ‘whatever trump says, goes’.

What is a party, with no agenda?The lefty rags like the NY Times and politico were asking yesterday: what happens when a party has no ideas? Politico was posturing.

Well-ask the democrats that question. Because they are the party that knows the answer to that question.

Yet again-we’ve got left wing critics projecting their own party’s shortcomings onto the GOP.It was the Democrat Party that had no ideas after 8 years of Obama/Biden officially killed liberalism.

And so -what happens when a party has no ideas?

To answer politico’s question-

Apparently, they let the socialists rush in and take over the agenda.That’s what happened on the left.

The Republican Party and the trump administration have an agenda.The Trump campaign detailed it on Sunday, in fact, and the bulk of the MSM ignored it.

How many Americans know that the trump/pence team put out a 49 point agenda on Sunday?

And how will the voting public hear about-anything- positive or substantive- related to the trump and gop effort...if the msm has an intentional blackout on all such news?

I tell you folks, out of all of the worries that i have for fall-this is the biggest one:how can we have well-informed voters if we have a big media complex that refuses to tell both sides of the story, or report on events honestly?

The Trump campaign put out a 49 item second term agenda on Sunday.Among things president trump wants to do:

Trump Campaign Releases 49-Point Second Term Agenda

That is a strong and serious second term agenda, and frankly, the Trump team shouldn’t have waited until now to roll it out.

The challenge of any second term-whether it’s for a mayor, a governor, or a president- is ‘what’s next’. What’s your vision or set of goals for the next four years?

And often- the candidate doesn’t really have one. Trump not only has one, it’s fantastic.

All of those things are killer agenda items, and they stand in stark contrast to the socialist progressive extremism that the Biden/Harris ticket is endorsing.

And if team trump and the republicans can remind the american people about all of the winning that this country has done under president trump over the last four years -and outline that second term agenda-

My god- that puts him way ahead of Joe Biden.

Yet again, my friends, Donald Trump has revealed himself to be personality and his tweeting drive people crazy.

I’ll put it this way: there is a quiet competence, and a very real -concrete substance- underlying Donald Trump’s outsized and off-putting persona.

I’ve said numerous times over the last four years, if he could just tone down the abrasive and combative tweeting and unnecessary personal attacks, there’d be no reason not to love this guy-and he would be more clearly seen as the fantastic leader that he is.

Trump has all of this underlying competence, and depth, and substance, and seriousness....and he doesn’t show it to the American people.

This is all in bright contrast to Joe Biden’s nutty and extreme agenda of seven trillion dollars in new-permanent-spending, four trillion dollars in new tax increases- a ludicrous green new deal that is really just a socialist manifesto...and all of the other extreme agenda items Biden has signed onto.

Folks- Joe Biden and Bernie sanders had their teams sit down and come up with a 140 page socialist manifesto that laid the foundation for the democrat agenda and their media accomplices refuse to report on it.

And in contrast: the Trump team and GOP came up with a 100 page -solid, realistic, optimistic, ambitious second term agenda-

And that same MSM refuses to report on it.

They won’t tell the American people about Biden’s ludicrous, unserious agenda...and they won’t tell the American people about trump’s serious, ambitious one.

It’s genuinely infuriating for someone like myself-who was once proud to call themselves a journalist.

This is a forward thinking, optimistic agenda of the sort that, frankly, second term administrations never produce.

Trump and his agencies, with the help of the Republicans in congress,have racked up dozens if not hundreds of wins-large and small- for the American people and the conservative agenda, and he’s got dozens more substantive and serious ideas to work on over the next four years.

Yet again- i have to say that I have never seen anything like it. Not in roughly 35 years of doing this.Donald Trump is unique in so many ways, but he has unique in his desire and ability to -by god-keep his promises to the American people.

By god- complete his agenda and if he has to do so by getting creative and working around roadblocks and an intransigent Congress, than he will.

We have had no single president- in American history-that has racked up this many wins. Gotten this much accomplished. Aside from maybe George Washington, who was literally inventing what ‘American government’ he went along.

If any president deserves a second term, it’s Donald trump.

And as mike pence accepted his party’s re-nomination yesterday...he detailed a lot of the administration’s winning-from the tax cuts to reigning in Iran and china- to a new Middle East peace deal-to massive deregulation-to seating over 200 conservative judges and Joe Biden and the democrats-have- been taken over by the radical left.

That is evident, as their elected officials cheer, and help engineer, the violence in our big cities.

And Trump and the GOP here have a huge opening. A huge opportunity to be the party of ration, and reason, and responsibility. To be the party of serious and sober leadership at a time in which the leaders of the other party are spinning out of control.

And for four years now, I have predicted that the democrats would overplay their hand their ‘resistance’ reaction to Donald trump’s win in 2016… And boy-have they.

Even I never expected them to go to these extremes. i expected them to boomerang to the left and adopt and even more extreme agenda. i predicted that, based on how the WI Dems reacted to Scott Walker’s win.

But I never considered that democrats would be supporting anarchy, rioting, burning, and looting in the a campaign technique.

I never considered that they were willing to-very stupidly- vilify police, law and order, and call for dangerous prisoners to be released as we flung open the prison-house doors.

These people have lost their minds!

And they have given president trump and the GOP a series of ‘gifts’ here, when it comes to the big issues.

We conservatives and republicans will take being on the right side of law and order, justice, lower taxes, more freedoms, more jobs, higher wages, energy independence, middle east peace...every time.

We have the high-ground on all of it- this year and if Joe Biden wins, it will be an American tragedy-

A global tragedy.

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