Post Office Conspiracy Theory: True Trump Derangement Syndrome

Jay Weber Show transcript 8-18-20

The latest conspiracy theory on the left that President Trump is using the postal service to steal the election Is really crackpot stuff, and to believe it, you have to have-no understanding-of how the post office works or why it’s in the financial trouble itis in.

This urgent need for funding has nothing to do with Trump and the post office isn’t even under the President’s direct control.

The post office is run as a stand-alone entity-with the u-s senate having congressional oversight and being in charge of any additional funding they might need.

All the president would do- on a good day- is sign a bill that hit his desk that was related to post office operations or funding.The president himself has very little control or influence over the post office.

That’s the first thing:Donald Trump cannot order 50 thousand blue mail boxes removed so you can’t drop your ballot into them.

He cannot order ten-thousand mail trucks to be mothballed so that the mail can’t move, as Jamie Lee Curtis is suggesting.

The president doesn’t have control over any of this. This entire new theory that the democrats are pushing is illegitimate and crackpotish.

But- ignorant Americans buy into it and it’s become a ‘thing’: now Donald Trump is going to try to steal the election by stopping the mail.

Good grief.

It was the democrats who insisted that we try to hold a national election entirely by mail. It was them who insisted it was going to be safe and secure and the ballots would all arrive on time.

It was these democrats who insisted people like me were crazy when we suggested that the opportunities for cheating are -legion- and relying on the post office would create a debacle.

Now-all of the sudden-they are pivoting and working overtime to line up excuses and legal challenges if they lose.

And let’s be clear: that is-all-this is about. This new post office smear is all about lining up excuses if they lose another election to trump, and it is working through the possible legal challenges ahead of time.

That’s all this is.

And you shouldn’t fall for it.

It is democrats who are pushing for universal mail-in balloting.President Trump and most of us republicans have been against it, as an unsecured, looming disaster.

It is the democrats who want to rely on a postal service that has been in desperate financial shape for years and has had to go thru round after round of cut backs.

Do you know that -if you can’t find a blue mailbox on the corner or out in front of your grocery store to mail a letter anymore- it disappeared under Obama?

And again- President Obama didn’t have any direct hand in this. He didn’t have operational control over the postal service when he was president, either. But-in his era-more than 14-thousand mailboxes were removed and scrapped.

The latest post office figure covers between 2011 and 2016...and says 14-thousands of those blue mailboxes disappeared and in 2016- Obama’s last year in office- the postal service cut 12-thousand jobs.

And the democrats didn’t blink an eye or make a peep.

Do you remember any stink about how you couldn’t find a mailbox anymore?

I had three disappear along my route to work.I often drop mail at 4 in the morning as I drive into work. And originally i had four possible drop boxes-conveniently- along by 40 minute path to work. That is now down to- sits right outside thelittle rural north lake post office...or i would have -not a single mail box- along my 40 minute ride to work, anymore.

That wasn’t trump’s doing. And I didn’t hear any democrats complaining as my convenient options dried up.

The real problem with relying on the post office to help orchestrate a secure election is this.

And it’s important-so listen carefully.

And I steal this from Ben Shapiro:

The problem with mail-in voting is that state election standards don't match USPS practices.


That’s it.

The post office runs on a set of rules that are set up for moving letters and parcels fast-and they are often prioritized on how much the person or business mailing it has paid to get it there fast.


Any election done by mail is a conglomeration of 50 different states, with 50 different sets of rules on receiving and counting ballots- simply hijacks the postal system- for their own purposes -and without changing post office rules.

It’s why-here in Wisconsin-elected officials made all sorts of assumptions about how the spring ballots were going to be countedas they came in. they assumed that mass mailings of blank ballots-out to voters-would happen promptly and smoothly and uniformly and it didn’ttens of thousands of people never got their ballots in the mail.

WI election officials then assumed that just about any ballot mailed within a day or two of election day- wouldmake it back in time to be countedor would at least have a time stamp on it, validating that it had been mailed before 8pm on election day.

Nope. All sorts of ballots weren’t mailed back in time and all sorts of others had no postal stamp on them.

And it was only after the debacle that election officials bothered to ask the post office what went wrong.

It was only then that they learned that: well, not every piece of mail gets a time stamp, no.


This is what Ben Shapiro means when he says:

The problem with mail-in voting is that state election standards don't match USPS practices.

Nope. Not at all, they don’t.

You can’t just hijack the postal system and use it for a national election and expect it to go smoothly.

This is like taking over a factory that makes flashlights and saying we are going to use it to make m-and-ms now.

Well- wait- there’s a lot of retrofitting and a lot of changes that would need to be made.A flashlight factory is not meant to make candy.

The US postal service isn’t meant to host elections especially not at a moment’s notice.

It’s why people like myself have been against mail-in voting. It is a dumb, wildly insecure system that encourages all sorts of cheating.

And- here’s an irony:it is because democrats need to come up with new ways to cheat- that they were so insistent on having a mail-in election in the first place!

Now they are pretending to be all alarmed that it won’t be secure!

Proving yet again-that to be a democrat is to be a hypocrite.

Now Pelosi and the Dems have the postmaster general coming to testify in front of congress next Monday...and they are treating him like a criminal. Even though he’s done nothing wrong. The man is just running his agency.

But it’s in the Dem’s best interests to create another strawman villain that they can blame if they lose the suddenly...Louis Dejoy is public enemy number one.

He’s the postmaster general and he’s been blindsided by this political firestorm.

I’m a villain, why now?

Folks. Members of the democrat caucuses were threatening yesterday that god...this man is going to testify in front of congress and if he doesn’t we will toss him in prison.

This was Dejoy ever said that he would or wouldn’t.

There’s literally-no reason-which he won’t testify in front of congress. He’s got nothing to hide and has done nothing wrong.

But-as they leap to vilify him-the Dems created the false narrative that he was reluctant to testify. The implication was that he’s hiding something.

Democrats were threatening to toss him in prison if he refused to testify-even before he was asked to testify!

What is wrong with these people?

This is true Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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