Let's kick off the week with Another Trump Winning Segment

Jay Weber Show transcript 8-17-20

Let’s launch the week with another winning segment-

In which we detail recent Trump/GOP and conservative winning...

And the biggest win- by far-

It’s not a win-it’s a triumph-

Is the peace accord the president has brokered between Israel and the UAE.

I have a separate segment on that but the importance of this cannot be overstated.

Israel has relations with only two other Arab nations: Egypt and Jordan-

And now a third.The UAE.And the hope is that at least a few other Middle Eastern nations will follow suit.Countries that have been quietly cooperating with Israel on some matters for years, but whose leaders never wanted to come out and say it publicly: like Bahrain and Oman.

If the rest of the Arab world is unified with Israel-against Iran and Syria- it really disrupts the mullahs’ long term plans for the region.

And there’s a chance that at least a few other Arab states decide to cut similar agreements with Israel...with the trump administration acting as an arbitrator.

And the unbelievable ‘win’ would be to get the Saudis to enter into an agreement over time.

No one believes it will happen soon, but, as I detailed Friday-

The Saudi’s have been warming to Israel now that they have a less rigid crown prince in place and now that Iran exhibited a new regional belligerence during the Obama era.

The Saudi’s have already been cooperating with Israel on some security measures-

And if trump could get the crown prince to normalize relations with Israel it would be a true game changer in the Middle East.

That would be-the- unthinkable-victory- if it were to occur.

And trump is closer than any president of the last 60 years has gotten.

It has to annoy the Democrats to no end.

But let’s just note this win here.


The second win-is in the courts-

The ninth circuit court of appeals -the court with the reputation as being rabidly lefty out there in San Francisco-

Just gave us an important second amendment win. It declared California’s ban on high-capacity magazines unconstitutional.

Federal Appeals Court Throws Out California Ban On Large-Capacity Gun Magazines

What that means is-the anti-gun groups are hoping to appeal to the entire group of judges that makes up the ninth circuit it rehear this case-not just a three judge panel which is the way these appeals are normally decided.

That circuit has -29 members and-i believe-the liberals now only hold two or three judge advantage...so it’s not a slam dunk that even if the full court would agree to hear the case that they would rule the ban on magazines was legal.

If they all decided along ideological lines, yes, but that’s now a real question-given how president trump has changed the makeup of this court.

Folks- Trump has named 11 judges to that appeals court during his presidency. A full third of the court.And he has tipped the ideological balance very much closer to even.

So this is a double win. Greg- one for the ruling that knocks down bans on high capacity magazines:


And one win for taming that run-away lefty court.



The other two wins i have here are from Trump agency heads.

From the bureau of land management, we have a win on drilling in Alaska:

Remember our visual....on this project: envision a six-by-nine foot rug. Now toss a quarter onto it.

That quarter represents the new land development or human intrusion into the Alaska wilderness that this project represents.It’s probably more like a nickel than a quarter.

The bears, caribou and wildlife will be just fine.

They won’t be disrupted in any real way.

The environmentalists are just being alarmist.

The Trump admin. is also poised to issue the final permits for a copper and gold mine up in Alaska soon, which would be another win for Alaskans who want government to stop them from creating good paying jobs.


And the final win is yet to be realized-but it’s on the radar:the Trump EPA is looking at reversing Obama era restrictions to our shower heads.

Oh yeah-

Let’s roll these back.

The original restrictions on shower heads came during the Herbert Walker Bush administration. Way back in 1992, George WH Bush signed the energy policy act which dictated maximum flow rates for shower heads, faucets, toilets..etc.

So this had already been addressed-and most of us already hated the low-flow heads and low-flush toilets.

These were already punitive and unnecessary restrictions on water flow that the eco-ninnies had forced on us.

But then-in 2010 Obama’s EPA struck again and ratcheted down the water flow another notch.

So this isn’t trump deregulating shower heads-as some lefty newsrooms and eco-zealot groups are claiming.

I wish he was going that far-but he’s not.

This is just reverting back to the Bush-era law that says that level of water restriction is fine...and that shower systems with multiple heads are no longer required to be super stingy with the water.You can have- more water flowing-thru multiple heads instead of the same stingy amount of water- flowing thru multiple heads.

I don’t think we need government micromanaging how much flow comes out of a shower or sink in the first place, but i will take any amount of deregulating that we can get.

And this would be a big win for people who want to remodel or are building new-and want a multi-head shower that provides a torrent of water-not a trickle.

And it’s another trump admin move that has the eco-idiots furious.

And it’s a simple litmus test: if the eco-nuts are upset.

We are WINNING!!

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