Tony Evers was aware of the Madison rioting and did nothing

Jay Weber Show transcript 8/14/20 6:10am

Governor Tony Evers isn’t on the ballot in fall. He isn’t up for re-election until 2022- so we didn’t expect to see anti-Evers ads this election cycle.

What a fun surprise to see the Wisconsin Republican party put one out- targeting Evers for being asleep at the switch as governor.

In this instance-the botched handling of the Madison riot.

In fact, the ad is called ‘asleep at the switch’.

Now-the night of that rioting-there was no measurable response from Madison law enforcers-or state capitol law enforcers.The destruction was simply allowed to go on.

There appeared to be-no-direction or contact coming from the Governor’s office, and we talked about it at the time.

In fact-we talked about it for days on end, and no one on the left or in their accomplice media stepped up to challenge that suggestion.

The assumption was that- yes- Governor Evers simply slept through the night. That his handlers and the capitol cops didn’t even bother to alert him to the drama.

I also remember vividly-

The next day, Governor Evers made reference to the damage that he heard about when he got up the next morning.

I remember it clearly because I mocked him for it. Again-with no pushback from anyone on the left.

Now-today- Dan Bice reports that there was at least-limited-contact with Evers that night.

Bice: Republicans launch Trump-style TV ad jabbing Tony Evers for handling of Madison riot

So- Evers talked with Maggie Gau-the real Wisconsin Governor-several times that night...but collectively...they did nothing.

To me-This is even a more damning indictment.

The elected puppet and the actual shadow governor of Wisconsin-knew about the property destruction being done. Knew about the rioters trying to break into the state capitol to trash it-and they just let it go on?

To me-this is worse than having Evers sleep right thru it.So he and Gau knew? And chose to do nothing?

And in doing ‘nothing’, they really did do ‘something’, didn’t they: they sided with the thugs and criminals.

They let the damage be done. Statues torn down and let the criminals get away.

And let’s be clear: at the times that Gau and Evers were conversing-they didn’t know if this protest was going to escalate into even more violence-

Or escalate into the looting of nearby businesses or escalate intoarson fires.

They had no idea what this angry mob might do-

And yet-Gau and Evers sent, no? Additional law enforcement presence?

Tony didn’t even get out of his stocking cap?

This is pathetic.

I was also unaware that the republicans had issued a freedom of information act request regarding that night and had been blown off.

The Evers administration has become famous for violating the law-

Let’s be clear- they are -violating the law-

By not fulfilling FOIA requests.

The Evers admin promised to be transparent. Gov. Walker’s administration certainly was. He never could have gotten away with simply breaking the law and denying virtually all requests for public records-

But these democrats know they can get away with it. They know the j/s and State Journal and other news outlets will treat them with kid gloves.

Have Wisconsin’s so-called journalists gotten to the bottom of who violated the law when they secretly taped a meeting with Fitz and Vos?


We still don’t have that name and the governor’s office was recently asked: has anyone been punished?


So whatever, the left wing media let Evers and Gau get away with that crime, too.


Now this ad comes out and the democrats have-reason- to prove the republicans wrong-and now the release the information and claim it was an error.Oops...we did have these records.

No Republican or Republican administration would ever be allowed to get away with this level of incompetence and lawbreaking.

And not only do Evers and Gau get away with it-the Wisconsin media never even reports the negative weare still getting Marquette polls that show 6 in ten voters approve of the job Gov. Evers is doing.

He’s been a train wreck-and a criminal one at that- would voters know?

And the point of the ad is that Gov Evers has been missing on all sorts of issues, not just on the issue of law and order and coddling protestors.

I like it.

It’s not a big ad buy-but it’s enough to get it out there in the Milwaukee and green bay markets.

Photo credit: Fox 6

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