The more Wisconsin Dems vote by mail could actually help the GOP

Jay Weber Show transcript 8-13-20 6:10am

A few of the findings of this latest Marquette poll yesterday that I found interesting...and help clarify some things we’ve been talking about.

Democrats will be voting heavily by mail, while Republicans will more heavily vote at the polls on Election Day

That would mean that- if there is any big screw up with the mail-in ballots- democrats would be harmed more...

And it would mean that if there is any big screw up with in-person voting, or anything that negatively affected in-person turnout- like bad weather- the Republicans would be harmed more.

And the question of whether Wisconsin and other states can run competent, fair, elections with these huge numbers of mail-in ballots is one that will loom over this election-and its results.

For example-in all sorts of states in which democrats are in control-they have managed to change the rules to be -very generous-in terms of which mail-in ballots are counted.

The law should be: any ballot not received by the close of the polls on Election Day is invalid. Period.Not counted.

Instead-a number of these states have said they will count any ballots that come in several days after. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Most insist there will be a postmark proving when that ballot was mailed. But our dry-runs here in the primaries have made one thing clear: not all mail gets postmarked, and mass mailings like ballots- quite often- are missed.So we’ve had states-like New York- in their primary- have ballots that came in a day, two days, five days later-with no post mark.

Do we count those? Or not?

And if there’s a big screw up with Wisconsin’s mail-in balloting and Trumpwins here a second time-will Wisconsin Dems rush to file lawsuits and insist that any canvas of final results needs to bedelayed until...quote...all of the ballots are counted?

Of course that will happen.Democrats find any way to cheat or tip the scales to their advantage that they can.

And this could be a debacle.

You’ve already got the DNC and top democrat leaders laying the groundwork on excuses and reasons to challenge the election.

They are already setting up the postmaster general as a scapegoat. They already have their activists trashing the post office as unreliable.

But wait-

The Democrats are the dimwits who insisted on mail-in balloting?

They are the ones that-for months-have insisted we need to go to this system and that it will be safe and accurate and any criticism was just right wing conspiracy theories.

Now? The democrats have nothing but complaints about the post office?

Now they have pivoted to setting up excuses for when they lose?

Do you see how scummy and duplicitous democrats are?

Everything is a political game-and most of those games are dark hearted and cynical and hypocritical.

JR Ross of covered the primary election this past Tuesday. It was a nightmare.

Another poll result I wanted to highlight from the Marquette poll was this one:69 percent of respondents agreed with the mask mandate.Only 29 percent disagreed.

When Gov. Evers issued the statewide mask mandate i told listeners this was the case-and that this is why assembly republicans had no interest in calling a special session to knock it down.

There were several reasons, actually, which were sound political big reason was:even if most conservatives don’t like the mask mandates....they are popular with the majority of people.

I was seeing 65 percent approval-nationally-for blanket mask orders.The MU result is even higher than that.Seven-in-ten Wisconsinites say they agree masks should be required in all public places.

That’s game, set, and match in an election year.

And Republican polling in Wisconsin here showed that these mask orders were particularly popular with older people and suburban moms-two groups of voterstrump and the GOP need to do better with...if they are going to win races in fall.

And don’t send me more emails saying: I’m an old person...or I’m a suburban mom and I hate the mask mandate.

That’s irrelevant. The numbers are clear. Killing off the mask mandate would have been unpopular politically-

Especially with the groups of voters that the GOP needs to-not only get trump a second term-but also get Madison Republicans three more republicans in both chambers of the legislature.

If we can add three republicans in each chamber- the GOP will have a veto proof majority and can reject any move by Gov. Evers they’d like. They could-really-control the budget process.

But even more importantly-they could override any Evers veto on the 2021 district maps.

Republicans get to draw the political maps for state offices, and congress, if they have the majority of both houses in 2021...which they should but Gov. Evers could veto them.

Unless the republicans have the votes to override.

Another ten years of republican dominance in Madison could be on the line here, people. That’s far more important than having a temporary fit over masks.

It was the right call when i outlined it for you the day after Evers issued this order, and it’s the right call now.

And if you notice- gee- the mask thing sure has evaporated as an issue, hasn’t it?

Scott Fitzgerald and a bunch of conservative Senators wanted to shoot it down but...for the most part...those were Republicans in safe seats who found it easy and advantageous to take that position.Far more GOP senators and assemblymen just kept their mouths shut, realizing how wrongheaded that move would be.


Some of you people in this audience always leap to trash the messenger when I tell you the truth about what’s going on behind the scenes in Madison but I’m always right.

I often can’t reveal sources, but I get the truth.

And so, on this mask order, I laid out why it wasn’t going to be shot down...

And then watched for a week as other news outlets and show hosts reported that ‘no decision had been made yet’ to whether the GOP was going to act.

No. a decision had been made. i walked you thru it. i told you the mask order would stay in place within a day of Evers ordering it.

I believe i said ‘unless something changes dramatically, it will stand. Nothing has changed.


You might not always like what you hear on this program. But I’m not one to lie to you.

At no time-am i ever trying to ‘spin’ this audience.

I tell you what genuinely think and believe...

And in that sort of instance- what’s going on behind the scenes-

I tell you what I know and what i don’t know.

I am one of the few show hosts whom you will hear say ‘I don’t know’.

Because virtually all of them want to come off as all-knowing oracles and truth tellers.

I’ve even heard talk radio consultants suggest that hosts should never admit that they don’t know something.

I think that’s crap.

Maybe I think that-because I – do know- so much!

If you are confident in what you-do know- there’s no reason to admit that you don’t know something, occasionally.

But I knew the mask mandate wouldn’t be challenged. At least not until or unless Gov. Evers decides to close down the schools.

If Madison republicans move to block school closures- and Evers betrays them on that- they’d likely be angry enough to trash the mask order, too.

Photo credit Fox 6 News

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