Parents want their kids back in school

The numbers are clear that most, if not an overwhelming majority of parents, want their kids to go back to school.

So where is the opposition coming from? Teachers unions of course, but also from people who don’t have kids in school.

In other words, the Karens who worry that you cannot raise your children are driving a decision that affects only you and your children.

From the latest Marquette Law School Poll:

Forty-five percent say they feel comfortable letting students return to school in the fall and 48 percent say they are uncomfortable with reopening schools. Among those with school age children at home, 53 percent are comfortable and 45 percent are uncomfortable.

Not all parents are comfortable, but shouldn’t they be the ones to decide?

After all, the ‘science’ is on the side of re-opening.

From the Center of the American Experiment:

Quite recently the Minnesota Department of Education conducted an informal study, asking Minnesota families about their experience with distance learning and their hopes for the upcoming year. According to the data collected from over 130,000 respondents, 64.3% are “comfortable” sending their students to school in the fall. Of those that feel comfortable, 94.4% would prefer to send their students back full-time.

The CDC outlined that they had observed that “children diagnosed with coronavirus in the United States typically have mild cases of the virus.” Additionally, children made up only a tiny fraction of the total number of coronavirus cases, and also had lower rates of hospitalization for the virus. This is something that has been observed in many other countries around the world.

So if parents and scientists are on-board, who is not? Our palls the teachers unions.

From the Journal Sentinel in July:

Teachers unions in the state's five largest school districts are calling on Gov. Tony Evers and the state's top health and education leaders Monday to require schools to remain closed for now and to start the school year online only, arguing the threat from the coronavirus remains too high for students and staff to safely return.

And the Karens.

They wouldn’t raise their children like that (if they even have children) and they don’t think you should raise your children like that either.

That kind of shame, and Twitter anger, combined with the power of teachers unions is the reason why most people’s kids will lose another year of school on the couch.

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