The latest Marquette Law School poll is not all good news for Joe Biden

The latest Marquette University Law School poll shows President Trump is not popular in Wisconsin. (42 percent favorable, 55 unfavorable)

But Biden is not that much more popular (43/48).

And his policies are far less popular.

  • Defunding the police draws the highest opposition, 17 percent in favor and 78 percent opposed.
  • The Green New Deal is supported by 37 percent and opposed by 32 percent, but almost a third, 31 percent, say they don’t have an opinion of it.
  • Providing tax-funded vouchers for private and religious schools is supported by 41 percent and opposed by 49 percent.
  • More agree that we should raise tariffs on imports, 49 percent, than disagree, 35 percent, though a substantial 16 percent say they don’t know.
  • Forty-eight percent of Wisconsin registered voters approve of the mass protests since the death of George Floyd, while 48 percent disapprove. That is a drop in approval from June, when 61 percent approved and 36 percent disapproved.
  • In August, 48 percent said the protests had been mostly peaceful, while 41 percent said they had been mostly violent. This question was not asked in June.
  • Forty-nine percent had a favorable view of the Black Lives Matter movement and 37 percent had an unfavorable view. In June, 59 percent had a favorable and 27 percent an unfavorable view of the movement.
  • Police are viewed favorably by 76 percent and unfavorably by 13 percent. In June, 72 percent had a favorable and 18 percent had an unfavorable view of the police.

Biden is running on the hope that Trump is so unpopular that people will vote against him sight unseen. Joe Biden is an empty shell, and the voters know it.

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