On Election Day, Vote In-Person

This is a very important election.

It is the second statewide election in Wisconsin since the coronavirus hit. It comes at a time when cooler heads need to prevail about being out and about.

The Wisconsin Election Commission is promising a safe voting experience. Why do we trust them to mail our ballots, but not clean the polls?

If we screw this one up, and we will, the fortunes for November look terrible.

The problems exposed today, and for the rest of the week, will only get worse by November. The short-comings of voting by mail will be exposed on a larger scale with today's Election. That will lead to more calls, from Democrats, to do more voting by mail.

That's the wrong way to go. Voting in-person has worked well for over 200 years. It will work well for the next 200 as well.

Make it easy on us, make it safer for yourself, vote in-person.

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