America- If he’s too fragile to travel? How can he possibly be president?

Jay Weber Show transcript 8/6/20 7:09am

Now, Joe Biden won’t even be traveling to Milwaukee. The DNC convention is a total bust.

As is the RNC convention. Donald Trump is looking for a new venue for his nomination speech, so it’s not like the RNC is going to plow ahead with its in-person convention, either.

But at this point-at least some group of republicans is planning to meet in charlotte and hold meetings in person to do some necessary party business...

It seems unlikely that we are going to see-any-of that in Milwaukee now.

And this, too, reeks of an excuse to keep Joe Biden in the bunker.

And this, too, I believe-backfires on democrats. Most Americans will think, ‘my god, he’s too fragile to travel?Then how can he possibly be president?’

If I were Trump and the Republicans, I’d be hammering this for all it’s worth between now and Monday. Really hammer it on the Sunday talk shows:a 78 year old Joe Biden is apparently too frail to travel. If that’s the case, how can he do this job?

And if the Democrat response is- hey, this isn’t Joe’s call. His handlers and party officials just want to be overly cautious. Again...the republicans need to fill in the rest of that thought: his handlers want to be overly cautious-because Joe Biden is a 78 year old man!

And he has other health conditions.

This is a guy who survived two brain aneurisms in the late 1980s and has since had quote...deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.This is a man on blood thinners for heart problems.

What is the number one comorbidity of those who have died from covid-19?

Heart problems.

How can all of this just be ignored or swept under the rug?

I know that we no longer have an honest news media. They are propagandists for the left, but there will -genuinely be no honest examination of Joe Biden’s physical or mental fitness for this job?


Well-in lieu of that- the American people will do their own evaluation of Biden. And if they are left to fill in the gaps on their own, they are going to assume the worst.

This basement bunker strategy is now starting to backfire, and I tell yah,this decision to keep Biden in Delaware instead of flying to Milwaukee to give this speech- is going to backfire.

Exactly how frail is this man?And if he and the people around him are this terrified of him getting the virus...maybe he should drop out of the race all-together.

But because they have hidden Joe away since April-this looks like another attempt to keep him out of the public view.

But -as for the idea that a tiny group of about 300 party officials would at least make the trip- nope

No they didn’t and they haven’t been. Every decision the Democrats have made has been politically motivated, including this one. They want to keep this country terrified over this virus when the science would tell us that we have overreacted to this and much of life in America can resume as normal.

The vast majority of those carriers have recovered and Milwaukee County is not a hot spot-by any definition.

There might be fewer than 60 serious cases of covid-19 in Milwaukee are. I don’t have the exact numbers...but having tracked the daily numbers for the entire state pretty closely- that number for Milw County is probably high.

And social media jumped on this immediately, of course, because what it means, now, is that Joe Biden is pulling another Hillary: Biden very likely- will not be campaigning in Wisconsin now.

The entire point of having the convention in Milwaukee was to reinforce how important Wisconsin was to democrats-

And now Biden is blowing us off, too.And so, of course, the WI Republican party is going to skit-skat and bee bop all over this.

State party chair Andrew Hit:He’s leading by- not coming?

To quote Biden himself, ‘come on, man’.

Evers says it’s important to lead by example. Well, a real leader would put on his big boy pants and stop cowering in a bunker, and re-engage with society.

A real leader would prove how fearless and resolved he lead this country out of our current crises’.Staying in his basement, is not leading, and Evers sounds like an ass for even suggesting it.

Well-this gives Biden more time to select is vice presidential candidate, and we are told it is down to two people: Kamala Harris or Susan Rice.

In a normal year-I’d bet a thousand dollars that it won’t be either: because VP picks are like popes-it’s never the person who got the most buzz.

But this year, with Biden vowing it is going to be a black woman and narrowing the possibilities down as severely has he might just be one of these two women.

I floated the idea that-if I were Biden- I would seriously ask Oprah.At least float it by her. Only she or Michelle Obama would be a legitimately exciting selection for half of America.

Michelle has no interest. And in the past, Oprah has said she has no interest, but she seems bored with her 2.5-billion dollar empire and maybe she needs a new challenge.

And consider the pitch: Oprah, ‘o’, come on. You could pull a nation together, and you could be president of the United States!If Joe falters.

You-Oprah Winfrey-

You- look back at that poor, abused little girl you were in Milwaukee, Wisconsin-

You-Oprah Winfrey-could be the first female president and the first -black-female-president.

Come on...

I’m not predicting this. I’m saying the Biden team would be stupid not to explore it.

It is almost -certain-that Biden’s pick will end up being some uninspiring his team follows the standard rule of picking VP’s ‘first, do no harm’. They’ll decide that Joe is still leading in the polls so let’s play this safe.

Because the second rule here is-don’t pick a VP that outshines the presidential candidate-


Forget that this year: everyone outshines Joe Biden. If the Dems really want to win-any way they can- put Oprah out there on the campaign trail or into the virtual media and let her outshine Joe.

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Biden segment 8-6-20

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