Kids need to be in schools

Think about all that you learned in high school.

Sure there is geometry, some U.S. history, we all read Romeo and Juliet, and you may have learned to drive in school. But what is it that you remember learning from high school? How to ask out your crush, how to work with others, how to listen to adults, how to read the room, how to navigate between friend groups, hell some of learned how to make friends in high school.

Going to school has always been about more than the lessons. School teachers young people things beyond reading, writing, and math.

And not being in school is robbing children of those valuable things.

The focus of not going back to school this fall is all about the health of children. Sure, some may test positive for the coronavirus. The science shows kids are the least at risk, but whatever. But no one is talking about the other health of children. Emotional, social, physical, mental.

It may be fine for a 50-year-old teacher to spend the school year at home, they won't lose anything. But a six-year-old? A 13-year-old? A high school senior? What are they going to lose, what are they miss out on? No one is talking about that.

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