Joe Biden's racist search for a vice president

We are living in truly amazing times.

The Democratic candidate for president has told his handlers to find him the finest black woman in the land, and only a black woman, to serve as his subordinate.

Joe Biden is doing more than just pandering to black voters with his insistence on picking a black woman for his vice president. He is institutionalizing racism.

That's what it is called when you hire, or don't hire someone, based solely on their skin colors. It's called sexism when you base those decisions on someone's gender.

Biden doesn't care. His old racist past shows that. What is amazing is that the 'woke left' is giving him a pass. The same people who demand that LGBTQ voices be heard, that Latinx voice be heard, that underrepresented voices be heard are no okay with being told they can never be a part of Team Joe.

We used to live in a world where qualifications matter. In picking a VP politics used to matter.

No anymore. Now it's just skin color and mommy-daddy parts the make the decision.

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