This is what 'defund the police' looks like

It's not that we don't know who people are. It's that we don't listen to them when they tell us who they are.

The defund the police crowd successfully gaslighted the American media into believing that defund the police somehow means more social workers.

It doesn't.

I means less cops.

And that means people are less safe.

Case and point, Minneapolis' Third Precinct. That's the neighborhood where George Floyd died. Police last week told people living in the neighborhood to be prepared to be robbed and car jacked. Officers offered a safety briefing that offered such tops as 'be prepared to give-up your cellphone and purse/wallet.' Officers also suggested that people memorize your license plat number, 'it helps towards a faster recovery.' And of course, the most important tip from police of them all, 'Do not fight with the criminal. Do as they say.'

This is what defunding the police looks like. Neighborhoods turned-over to thieves, drug addicts, the homeless, and the mentally ill.

The police are supposed to be there to protect and serve. With fewer police officers, there will be a lot less protection.

Believe these people when they say they want to defund the police.

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