Reasons Evers defunct mask mandate won't be reversed

Jay Weber Show transcript 8/3/20 6:45am

Numerous listeners asked me this over the weekend and will again and so...let me give you the three minute version.

I do like Fitz’s argument about how-when a governor oversteps his constitutional authority- it is important for the legislature or the courts to push back. It is important to challenge excessive use of power-

But- it is smarter politically not to push the repeal. Right now...Republicans are looking good for fall in Wisconsin-and here’s a key, big deal:

The vast majority of GOP seats in the assembly and in the senate are safe and if Republicans can pick up just three seats in each chamber in November. They will have a veto proof majority in a census year.

That means Republicans will have the power-not only-to redraw the district maps for the next ten years-but would be able to override Gov. Evers’ veto of them...and force them into place.

It could mean solid GOP control in Wisconsin for another ten years...folks.

We also need Trump to win a second term and repealing a mask mandate might make some of us feel better, would anger all sorts of suburban moms and older voters who support the mask mandate...and end up doing more political damage than it’s worth.


55 to 60 percent of Wisconsinites say they support these mask requirements-especially-

Older voters and suburban moms... two demographics that we need the most for a Trump win in November...and....for a strong showing in these assembly and senate races.

Polling shows older Wisconsinites support a mask mandate by two or three to one....overwhelmingly.

In addition: you’ve got suburban moms who worry about their families- who find the mask mandates a good big numbers.

So that’s one consideration.

Here’s another:most suburban parents

Want the kids back in school in fall, correct?

But the teachers unions are pushing Gov. to keep all schools closed in fall. Not just the big districts-but all schools-public and private...

And so far, Gov. Evers has resisted that call. But imagine ifthe republicans move to knock down the statewide mask mandate....

All Evers has to do is watch the covid-19 numbers and wait until there’s a bit of an uptick this month. And oop! oop! We are spiking again! We got to close down the schools.

See? These republicans said we didn’t need masks and so now I -have to-close all of the schools-and you parents need blame it on republicans.

Folks- Evers is likely looking for that opportunity so he can service his union masters....and go against popular opinion...but blame the move on republicans.

Folks- i believe- shooting down Evers’ mask mandate wouldhim the excuse he needs to close down the schools and scapegoat the republicans.

And as for the actual enforcement of this mandate?

Within 24 hours....well over half of the state’s mayors and sheriffs said they weren’t going to be enforcing it, anyway.It was a bust the moment it was declared.

In practical application- Ever’s mask mandate is already defunct. Already a bust. these insiders told me this weekend:it’s not a hill worth dying on-especially when killing off the mask mandate could harm us with older and suburban voters.

And that is why you -almost certainly-are not going to see Assembly Speaker Vos and the assembly republicans go along with this call of Fitz’s senate to repeal the mask mandate.

Each elected official can do and say what they want- related to their own re-election challenges. But i don’t see a move to repeal the Gov’s mandate going anywhere...unless something changes dramatically in this political calculation.

And it’s not likely to.

Photo credit: Fox 6 News

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