Tony Evers caves to the bullying horde within his own party

Jay Weber Show transcript 7/31/20 6:08am

Yep. I called it again.

On Monday- I predicted Gov. Evers was going to cave to the bullying horde in his own party...and issue a statewide mask mandate.

It only took three days....and he caved.

And all of my comments from Monday still apply: we do not need a statewide mask mandate. Our covid-19 numbers-are not- worrisome or escalating out of control.

We have had a remarkably stable number of hospitalizations and serious cases- and in a state of 5.7 million people..

And in a state that freed up 15,000 hospital beds to handle this pandemic...we still only have about 300 to 400 people hospitalized at any given time and under 100 of them are serious ICU cases.

There is-no need-for more government actions here.

Evers was simply bullied into it by nannies and ninnies who want to control the rest of us- in order to make themselves feel better.

What percentage of Wisconsinites are going to honor this?

It will be strongly enforced in Milwaukee and Dane counties and in the bigger cities, sure but...if you travel thru Rio, or Beaver Dam, or Hudson, or Minocqua this you think everyone’s going to have a mask on?

Somehow.... I doubt it.

I think this gets ignored by 70 percent of Wisconsin’s mayors and sheriffs.Which speaks to how useless and ludicrous it is.

The local leaders were handling this mask issue just fine and there is no spike in our covid-19 numbers that would suggest more aggressive measures are needed.

This was a political cave-and nothing more.

I knew Evers would cave to the bullying horde that now makes up the loudest part of his party.

They are just bullies.

They really are socialists who want to run every aspect of our lives. And for our own good.

These are arrogant-yet ignorant- elitists who think they know what’s best for everyone else, and they don’t care how many rights or freedoms they trample impose their will.

And a sickly, grey Gov. Evers is too weak and pathetic to stand up to them.

He issued this order after weeks of admitting that he doesn’t have the legal right to do so.

And that wasn’t just Evers saying that: clearly-he and his health sect- Andrea Palm-have checked with the administrations’ best lawyers-


And for months now Gov. Evers has known and said: I don’t have the authority to do this. It will be challenged in court.

But-as the raw covid-19 numbers rose nationally and bumped up slightly here...the alarmist nannies started to push and bully. Push and bully. Push and bully.

To the point that- by Monday- we had the horrid senator Chris Larson and other Madison democrats insisting that Evers needed to issue it anyway: just ignore the law. Go ahead and do it-and force someone to stop you.

This is how today’s democrats operate now, since the Obama era: just impose your will- and force someone to stop you. Ignore the law, ignore the constitution, ignore history or past precedent-just impose your will and force them to stop you.

This is what America’s left does now- and then they call President Trump a dictator and a bully.

So this is where we are: as of Saturday...a statewide mask mandate is in effect....with probably 70 percent of Wisconsin ignoring it.

An immediate challenge won’t be coming from the leaders of the legislature- Scott Fitzgerald and Robin Vos who immediately labeled Evers’ move unnecessary...but suggested they won’t rush to block it- via legislative vote or in court.

Rep. Steve Nass of whitewater immediately called for a special session of the legislature-saying the two chambers could kill this off and wouldn’t need an Evers veto...

But neither Vos nor Fitz said they would go that route. At least not immediately.

Vos said in a statement:

"I understand the necessity of doing all that we can to control the spread of covid-19. We all know it’s serious "local governments have been responding appropriately and increasing precautionary measures as needed. But Wisconsin shouldn’t have a one-size-fits-all mandate."

Vos said legal challenges from "citizen groups" are likely coming. And on the senate side- Sen. Chris Kapenga of Delafield said Senate Republicans would be looking at options with their attorneys. 

And if there are going to be any challenges from normal Wisconsinites or citizen’s groups...they would need a standing to sue.

Some party would need to be found that could argue- Gov Ever’s mask mandate harms me in some way.Harms my business, or my person, or my family, or takes away my constitutional some way.

I should also mention this:

And I’ve already gotten two emails:Vos and Fitz better stop this, or I’m not voting republican in fall...


I am so sick of WI conservatives who when Gov Evers or the Dems do something they don’t like. Vow to take it out on republicans if they don’t reverse it or stop it.

How about taking it out on Evers and the democrats?

And the same thing goes nationally:the democrats impose some new law like Obamacare when they have the votes ....and scores of conservatives say...if republicans don’t repeal that I’m never voting republican again.

That’s just an inane reaction.

This self-loathing on our own side. This idea that republican lawmakers should have all of the power, tools, and ability to fight off every bad move by democrats...and if they don’t...republicans are always to blame. Is crap.

If you don’t like this mask mandate-

Blame Evers. He’s the jackass who knows he doesn’t have the power to do this-but declared it anyway.

Take it out on the democrats in fall if you hate this statewide mask mandate, or if these local democrat closure orders are killing your businesses.

It’s actually a smarter move politically to do what Vos is doing...and let is percolate a while. Vos didn’t say he’d never- move against the order- but for now- the ninnies have won on the ‘mask question’.

More Americans support mask mandates than don’t. so if the mask nannies get their way...and everyone who hates the mandate blames Gov Evers- fine.

In fact-I’m going to assume Evers and the Dems-want- want- the republicans to challenge this politically. So they can be blamed for every new covid-19 death from this day forward.

Vos and Fitz and GOP lawmakers shouldn’t play into their some statewide polling on it-and ifit benefits you politically to vote down the mask mandate at a later date-do it.

This, again, is a 60 day order and Evers and palm claim it will either end in late September or be extended with another 60 day order.

Well-the Supreme Court -just made clear- Evers cannot automatically extend an emergency order. So even if this mask mandate is legally questionable- an extension of it would be illegal. The republicans could vote it down then-at the end of sept- if it’s politically unpopular.

They don’t need to move immediately.

Photo credit: Fox 6 news

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