There is a danger in not leaving your bubble

Four years after Hillary Clinton's campaign to win Brooklyn failed in the Midwest, coastal writers continue to be befuddled by Trump voters in the middle of the country.

Big city reporters are stuck in their bubbles. No one they know likes President Trump, so they cannot imaging anyone liking him.

A writer for Vanity Fair expressed his amazement that women in rural Pennsylvania not only like the president, they say they love him.

Along side the code words for poor or white trash, the writer implies that these ladies are selling-out the sisterhood.

The part that these coastal elites miss is that people like, or love Trump, because he is not a coastal elite. President Trump is rich and from New York, but he is hated by the same old money, Ivy League types who look down on voters in the middle of the country.

Joe Biden, is, well, not like that at all.

We are under 100 days until the election. I will be interested which bursts first. The coastal bubble, or the blood vessels in these writers' brains when middle America again votes for President Trump.

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