If this is what counts as conservatism, count me out

Conservatives are supposed to stand-up for principles.

We believe in individual freedom, personal responsibility, liberty, equality before the law, smaller government, the dignity of work, and the dignity of life, just to name a few.

Ronald Reagan said conservatives needed to work together on the 80 percent of the things where we agree, rather then focusing on the 20 percent where we disagree.

But in the days of President Trump, the Twitter-jihadists have turned that into a demand that people agree with them 100 percent of the time. Or they will oppose you 1,000 percent of the time.

John Kasich is apparently standing-up for his conservative principles by joining Team Joe Biden.

Kasich will have reportedly have a speaking role at whatever the DNC will look like next month.

Does Kasich really think Biden will deliver on any of those conservative principles? Freedom? Personal responsibility? The dignity of life? Biden has been on the other side of those issues for decades.

What Kasich, and the rest of the Never-Trumpers, are doing is allowing the personal distaste for a few Tweets or a few comments to deliver the country to people who diametrically opposed to those principles. They are allowing the 20 percent, or the two percent, to drive 100 percent of their decisions.

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