WI Dems give false hope to 100-thousand hurting families

Jay Weber Show transcript 7/17/20 7:40am

So, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate has dropped to 8.5 percent. And is well below the national average of 11.1 percent.

And don’t think this is a mistake. This is the result of republican lawmakers winning the lawsuit against Gov. Evers never-ending lockdown orders...which allowed Wisconsin business and commerce to reopen immediately. And start resuming productive operations.

Our unemployment rate in Wisconsin hit as high as 13.6 percent in April- after the pandemic hit and Evers shut the state down...

And it’s already dropped back down to 8.5 percent. In under 3 months. That’s not Evers’ doing. That’s the GOP’s doing.

And since reopening, yes, the spread of covid-19 or the known number of carriers- has increased but the number of hospitalizations and deaths has remained incredibly low. And those are the numbers the media should be focusing on-because they are far more pertinent and fair.

In a state of six million people. We still have fewer than 300 people hospitalized and fewer than 100 people in ICU. I don’t have the exact numbers here....but I went higher than I needed to there...to be safe. The actual numbers are lower than that.

Let’s also be clear about how this reopening of Wisconsin -by Republicans and against the democrat’s alarmist orders- saved all sorts of small businesses in Wisconsin that otherwise would have had to close permanently.

The number of businesses and restaurants that have had to close permanently in Milwaukee and Madison is being downplayed. their accomplices in the left wing media don’t want to report on them...but....in Dane and Milwaukee county...where the lock down orders were in place far longer and still limit capacity in restaurants and bars....has taken a toll.

Numerous Milwaukee restaurants have closed permanently. Including....Fauntleroy’s in the third ward this week.

And in Madison- three of four locations of a popular sandwich shop have gone out of business. The lib lockdown in Madison has killed off the Potbelly Sandwich shops. Three of the four, anyway:

Madison’s extended lockdowns made their Madison locations a casualty.

But democrats don’t care. They’re more worried about hollow virtue signaling and game playing.

And as if to prove it- we got this asinine package of new proposals from the Madison democrats yesterday.

And mind you-this was released just two days after Gov Evers and Dem leaders called a republican plan to help out unemployed Wisconsinites ‘a stunt’.

Republicans said: you, Gov Evers, are managing such a train wreck over at the dept. of workforce development that hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites aren’t getting their unemployment claims processed.And haven’t had income for 8, 10, 12 weeks why don’t we set up a loan program that they can tap into until their claims are processed and-your people- get it right.

Nope. That idea Evers waved away as a political stunt.

But just two days later....his fellow democrats in the legislature put out a package of bills that is-absolutely- nothing more than a political stunt.

They billed it as a way to address the backlog of unemployment claims...but not a single thing that they propose would do that.

Instead-what this is- is a package of bills that would repeal the changes made to our unemployment process that Gov. Walker and the Republicans passed over the last 8 years that they were in charge.

This is nothing more than democrats trying to undo all of the good reforms made to this system to encourage work and add accountability....when the republicans were in charge.

So it’s...another democrat temper tantrum...put to paper... that is of no genuine help if you are one of these Wisconsinites waiting for financial help!

What slime bags democrats are….

How...in the world...does adding to the number of unemployed help get the people who are already making the claims...get their help any sooner?

It doesn’t. It would only further delay the process, correct?

But this is the Dem’s first idea: let’s make it easier for people to claim unemployment so we get a bigger flood of claimants. That will fix things.

The whole reason for the backlog is that unemployment claims came in-too fast. And Gov. Evers admin has totally botched and mishandled the process-leaving tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin workers and their families in the lurch...

And Hintz and Larson and the democrats want to claim that the problem is....people can’t apply fast enough on the ‘front end?’ of the process?

There is no delay on the front end of this process. The delay is in getting action on your claim after you file it.

And any delay in filing-is because the DWD has refused to add additional staffers and additional shifts to service the workers of Wisconsin.

No tinkering with tertiary rules is going to speed up the pathetic Evers DWD.

This proposal is a complete falsehood and the democrats know it.

They know exactly where the process has broken down and it has nothing to do with any of the ‘parameters’ that have been put around filing for unemployment.

And so- at a time when people are desperate and hurting-it is a particularly scummy and evil move to even release this package and insist it would make a difference.

What. Slime bags.

They are trying to give Evers political cover. They are trying to pretend that ‘we have ideas, too, like the republicans do’...

But in light of how many people are hurting and desperate ...to play games with this issue is putrid.

Oh-and just yesterday- the Evers DWD said they were putting 100 more state workers onto this task of processing claims.

This is a shift in staff that should have occurred ten weeks ago.Evers is just doing it now.

Folks.... as of the end of June...more than 141-thousand Wisconsinites were still awaiting word from the DWD...on their claim.

I can only assume that the backlog is still around that number.The republicans suggested ‘let’s get them some help’....

And the Gov accused of them of engaging in a cheap political stunt.

Two days later- his party members engage in what is –truly- a cheap political stunt.

Let’s package up all of the reforms that we didn’t like that the Republicans made and claim repealing them would help these Wisconsinites.

Let’s give them false hopes...and just try to blame the bulk of this on walker and the GOP.

What scumbags!

Photo credit: Scott Walker Twitter account

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