Hey Madison and Milwaukee get ready for all the Karen and Kevin calls.

Jay Weber Show transcript 7:08am 7-14-20

It is now official: if you are living and working in the city of Milwaukee....or even recreating or eating out, or going to bars...

You will need to wear a mask, via city ordinance.

But no, the police will not be enforcing it and the entire question of enforcement is sketchy, at best.

This was a unanimous vote by the 15 members of the Milwaukee city council. So they are ‘all in’ on this. Mayor Barrett supports it

It says that, basically, any time you leave your house you will need to have your mask on indoors or out.

How generous: you can be mask less...in your own yard....with your own immediate family members. But if company comes over-they need to be masked up. Even outside in your yard. At say, a barbeque.

If you are out with your family in a park and don’t have masks on. You will need to enforce an invisible six foot barrier around you and anycontact with any other human being.

This is what the Milwaukee common council members-unanimously- decided was reasonable.

Clearly the enforcement mechanism is going to be complaints to the city health department. That would then level fines against the business owners...

So-when a bunch of Milwaukee business owners wrote a letter to the city insisting govt. intrude on them even more-and issue a blanket mask order...

I said....these owners only did that because they didn’t want to be the bad guy themselves. They didn’t want to enforce a mask order that-they-themselves-

Wanted to impose on their customers and were simply too cowardly to admit it. So they wanted city officials to give them cover.

But- now-instead of being able to say ‘it’s a city ordinance, you need to wear your mask’ to their customers and getting compliance.

Look at what they have instead: they have the city following thru on the mask order, but making it immediately clear that enforcement is up to the business owners.


These business owners set themselves up to be the main enforcers of this!

And if they now- don’t nag-their patrons into compliance...now they can be fined by the health department for not hounding on their customers to do it.

What dopes!They now have the -official- responsibility of being mask-Nazis...when they really only wanted the city to take the blame for enforcing the mask order.

Now they have to.

What dopes these business owners were. I’m glad it backfired on them. That’s what you get when you-invite- more government regulation onto yourselves and your businesses.

And Madison, too, is making it clear the police won’t enforce their mask order.

In fact- Madison and Dane county health officials specifically told the public yesterday: do not. Do not. Call the cops with a mask complaint.

Fantastic. The lefty ninnies in Dane and Madison counties have had their mask order in place for a day...and already they feel the need to tell people...don’t narc on your neighbors...and don’t choke up the 9-1-1 line...with your tattle tale complaints.


Oh-you know that this request isn’t going to do-a thing-to stop the mask Nazis. They are going to be calling the police, anyway, and reporting their neighbors and coworkers.

Absolutely- this is going to occur.the Madison and MKE police departments and sheriff’s offices are going to be bothered with annoying tattle tale mask calls.

It is a guarantee.

And it is-because every nanny and ninny and virtue signaler today...feels like they are special and the special exception to the rule.Their problem. Their pressing issue. Is all that matters to them?

So all sorts of Karen’s and Kevin’s will be calling anyway:

Yes, I know I’m not supposed to call and report a non-mask wearer but there is this guy at the Walgreens who snapped at me when I scolded him...and he’s still here if you can get an officer over to ticket him...

Of course police are going to be bothered with this now.

I love that Dane county leaders had to say -on day one: don’t feel the need to be mask Nazis.Just worry about yourself.

Then there is this inconvenient truth. And I only saw it in a fox six report.They mentioned that about 600 Milwaukee residents showed up at the committee hearing to comment on this ban before it went into effect-

And those ‘for’ and ‘against’ were nearly split. of more than 600 people who commented. It was split about 50/50.

Fox six says ...there were only 26 morepeople saying ‘yes’ to the mask mandate than showed up to say ‘no’ to the mask mandate.

I’d call that a split citizenry.

And yet the left wing city leaders rammed ahead and did what they wanted to do anyway. And by unanimous vote.

This is how democrats roll: they just ram thru whatever it is they want to and claim they have the support of the people.

i believe you will remember last week-when the author of this ordinance. Marina Dimitrevich...was insisting that she had widespread support for this mask mandate: everybody wants it, she told us.

Not if the public comment ran 50/50...and they heard from a pool of 600 residents. That’s very good turnout for any issue and half of the city said no.

Screw it. Ram it into place anyway.

Meanwhile, covid-19 cases in Wisconsin have ticked up slightly- but mostly in just three counties...

And the hospitalization and death rates remain super-low.

A former Thompson era official put out numbers on social media yesterday-

Charts-showing where the so-called surge in covid-19 cases has occurred in Wisconsin over the last month.

And it’s three counties:Dane, Milwaukee, and Brown.It’s really coming from Dane and Milwaukee counties....primarily. But brown is also seeing a bigger elevation of cases found.

I’d also note that Dane and Milwaukee counties were the two areas that saw the biggest and most regular BLM protests.

So-if these are the counties that still had the bars and restaurants operating at just 25 percent capacity or so...and were being the most careful about social distancing and lock downs....how is it that they have seen the most spread?

The people in the other 70 counties have largely gone about living their lives...and only account for a fraction of the new carriers.

Forty percent of whom never even have symptoms...and 99 percent of whom survive the virus.

Wisconsin-as a state of six million-still has only about 270 people hospitalized with covid-19 and only about 75 of those cases are serious enough to be in the ICU.

This is what our health experts could have called the ‘best case scenario’ back in February or March: yes, it is going to work its way thru the population, they said....but we have to limit hospitalizations and deaths.

We are. but now the lefty ninnies have changed the goal posts and are asking like there are new reasons for alarms and shut downs.

No. there are not.

Not even in the states that are allegedly hotspots.

Folks-even as their overall number of cases-or carriers-has increased...the state of Florida has slid to about a one percent mortality rate.

That’s it.

That is- unbelievably positive and good news. But Florida’s GOV and republicans are getting pounded as being terrible. Handling this irresponsibly.

It’s-all about- scaring the country and keeping as much of it locked down as possible-thru Election Day.

Story and photo credit Fox 6 now:

Milwaukee Common Council unanimously approves mask mandate

Madison PD story credit JS Online

Dane County's new mask mandate is in place, but don't call the police if it's being violated

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