The left cannot stand the thought of anyone exposing Joe Biden

Dave Chappelle put it best about Kanye West when he said that Kanye's problem is that he knows he is a genius.

West, or Mr. Kim Kardashian, announced this week he is running for president. West says he is running, in part, to make the U.S. God's country.

The left and most of the big newsrooms in this country already don't like West because of his appreciation for President Trump. Now, they are on a mission to destroy him.

CNN had a piece begging West not to run for president, saying the country doesn't need another candidate driven by ego. (Where was that argument when Hillary was running?)

But more than wanting to keep West out of the race to avoid splitting the black vote, or to avoid two celebrity candidates, the left wants West out of the picture because they don't want Joe Biden in the picture.

Democrat Party bosses and the big newsrooms want to keep Joe Biden hidden, to keep him away from voters, lest they learn the truth.

Biden is not only incapable of campaigning and leading the country, the policies he is endorsing are counter to what most Americans wants.

The only way the cabal can get Joe Biden elected is if people don't hear from Joe Biden. If Kanye West is out there talking about what he'd do as president, and what Biden can't do, someone is eventually going to have to ask Biden for a response.

This week we saw how that went.

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