Evers pouts as unemployed suffer

Jay Weber Show 6:44am 7/9/20

I read a Matt Kittle story about how the Governor’s office is sending out-form letters to Wisconsinites who contact the governor for help in getting theirlong, long, long delayed unemployment checks.

The Evers admin is still- absolutely botching- the processing of unemployment claims...and is still-absolutely-causing tens of thousands of Wisconsin family’s financial pains and panics and hardships that they shouldn’t have to go thru-

And when they contact him in desperation?-he sends them a form letter...that blames the Wisconsin supreme court somehow?

Kittle’s piece from empower Wisconsin:

Leave it to Evers: Tony’s partisan form letter to the unemployed

MADISON — Leave it to Tony Evers to blame the Wisconsin Supreme Court for the Unemployment Insurance debacle at his Department of Workforce Development. The out-of-touch governor’s form letter response to those who have reached out to his office for help in getting their long-delayed unemployment claims settled certainly hasn’t endeared him.

What does that have to do with-anything?

And I mean-anything?

These are people who were forced out of work due to the covid-19 pandemic-and if anything- the court decision forcing Wisconsin to reopen early would help these people who are unemployed.

The issues is the Evers’ Govt’s ability to process and send out checks.That was-in no way-affected by the Supreme Court ruling that said he couldn’t keep us closed indefinitely.

I’d love to hear Evers’ twisted logic on this one.The court ruling-has nothing to do with his DWD’s failures.

Unless you want to argue that it allowed businesses to reopen sooner and get some of these desperate people back to their jobs.

It has zero to do with any delay in unemployment checks and this is some scummy dishonesty here and embedded in an insulting form letter.

Kittle catches another obvious lie in the letter:

As kittle notes-many of these people face the possibility of losing everything they have. Especially if they have been unemployed for weeks or months and can’t even get an emergency unemployment check.

This is- dereliction of duty to his office and if it were a GOP governor who was in charge of such a rolling disaster-

A disaster that has been rolling for over three months now- can you imagine the relentless pressure there would be on that governor to either ‘get it right’...or resign?

But he’s a democrat...so...crickets.


Democrats never care who is hurting and needs help when they are in charge.They can only pretend to when republicans are running things and if you want another measure of Tony Ever’s character or lack thereof-

I’ve got this for you:

How he is using that court case to abdicate all responsibility for managing the covid-19 crisis and don’t get me wrong-I’m fine with this.

but- once again-if it were a republican administration... the governor wouldn’t be able to suffer one court loss...and then sit back and say....well...I’ve done what I can.

What a putz....this guy is and please remember that the Republicans went to court in an attempt to simply get-shared input-into the decision making-as is required by law....

They were perfectly willing to work with governor Evers on how tobest manage this pandemic and our reopening..

But they won the case and Tony Evers stormed off in a huff and he’s folded his arms and puffed... ever since.

What a baby.What a weak man.

And ever since-he and Sith Gau- have been using this singular court ruling as an excuse to do nothing.

Why? Because they hope that covid-19 cases spike in Wisconsin...to they can blame republicans for new cases and deaths...

This is Evers’ whiney game.

On Tuesday, Evers had his first media availability in two weeks...and said... oh..oh..that court ruling has cost Wisconsin lives.... (Which is bologna and he knows it)...

None-the-less he said. Don’t expect me to lead any more. Don’t expect any decisions from me.I can’t issue any statewide orders due to that case.

Evers is acting as if he was voted dictator...and the court ruling doesn’t let him be dictator anymore.He never was dictator.

He didn’t understand that- and apparently- still doesn’t.He’s learned nothing from this court ruling.

This is the falsehood of Evers’ argument and it exposes him as pathetic.

Okay-he feels like he can’t- force- a dictate onto Wisconsin....so....how about working with GOP lawmakers to manage things?

No. I don’t wanna....

All republicans wanted was-input.We’ve all been elected to represent our constituents, not just you, tony...and we get a shared voice in this.

That’s all they wanted....once his initial emergency order expired.

But Evers lost the case and now claims he can’t do anything constructive.

Sure he could:stop being a baby and work with Republicans.

Run your ideas past them...listen to their ideas and concerns and you know....lead.

I knew Tony Evers was going to be a largely useless governor who the socialist progressives would use as a puppet.

I predicted it.

But I was not expecting Tony Evers to be such a small, petty, useless leader. He is shockingly ill equipped to do this job.

Apparently-at sixty-eight, he has never had to compromise before.

Photo credit: Fox 6 news

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