We are seeing what happens when a country doesn't teach its own history

No one should be surprised that college educated young people hate America in larger and larger numbers.

After all, they've been taught since first grade that America is a bad place.

This past weekend we saw a flood of articles about how the 4th of July celebrates slavery, racism, and capitalism. We heard from countless woke authors about how George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and the rest were not great men but the perpetrators of slavery.

In a piece at The Guardian, Kelsey Smoot, wrote how she was naive to celebrate the 4th as a child. But now she sees the 4th of July for what it is, a celebration of "ongoing history of American imperialism, experienced blatant racism, homophobia, and transphobia"

This is not so much a revelation on her part, as it is sticking the lessons that she has been taught.

Our public schools and universities, and it is far worse in elite universities, teach that America is not great because it focuses on individual freedoms and individual rights. The lesson on American history is not that America continues to be the most free, most tolerant, most liberty-filled country on earth.

Instead the lessons are that slavery tainted American. And Donald Trump's election cemented that taint.

None of this is new. Schools have been teaching for years that America is bad. The only thing that is new is that those students are finally adults, and the Orange Man Bad media is listening to them.

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