"Protests didn’t contribute to Covid-19 spike." I say BULL PLOP!

Jay Weber Show transcript: 6:08am 7/2/20

Protests didn’t contribute to Covid-19 spike: BULL PLOP!

Who knows how long this scare will go on?

My prediction would be until November fourth.

That would be my prediction: the left wing media and the liberal base in this country...will be obsessed with every new cough and sneeze...and obsessed with covid and keeping this country locked down until November fourth-and then watch how the panicky coverage evaporates.

I’ll predict it right now- and whether trump wins or loses.

This is a hallmark of what the liberals do: they will pretend to care deeply over an issue, threat, or controversy....in order touse it as leverage during an election...and then they will drop it the moment the election is over...proving that they never-really-cared about it in the first place.

I guarantee you-this obsession with the covid-19 spread...is 90 percent politics right now.

If we had a democrat president...the country and the MSM would already be on to something else.Nothing related to covid-19 would have been as alarming or scandalous...if a Dem were president right now.

We don’t have to guess.The media all-but ignored the spread of h1n1 during the Obama era and everyone just went on with their lives.

This time? We need to stop the world-and then blame the republican president for all of the damage.

Just wait- the ninnying and nannying and concern over covid-19...will be forgotten faster than one of Joe Biden’s thoughts....after the election.

When they no longer need the alarmism- it will end.

Until then-we are going to have a steady diet of handwringing, bullying and virtue signaling over it.

Until then- every democrat mayor and governor in this country is going to be looking for reasons to keep closing down their local and regional economies...so that this country cannot recover.

In California, they’ve seen a bit of an uptick in carriers. Not even a big one and oops...lets shut it back down.

Gov. Newsome is going to issue new shut down orders today.

Here in WI...the Racine mayor still doesn’t want to let that community to open up...and in Madison...they’ve seen a bit of an uptick in cases among twentysomethings...so....oops....they’re going to shut down the bars again...and right before a big fourth of July holiday weekend in which a lot of these owners could have recouped some of their covid-19 losses.

Consider how devastating this is to Madison and Dane county bar owners who managed to limp by for two months...fully closed down...and have been trying to get back on their feet for only a few weeks now.

Now-another shut down is ordered?

I love how these Madison officials insist that the protests didn’t spread the virus and bars are the big culprit.

oh..well..we have our trace testing that’s telling us it’s the bars.

Bull plop. Are you even asking about the protesting? are you logging honest results?

Even the j/s account today says it is ‘unclear’ whether the contact tracers are even asking whether these people attended protests.

We know Bill deBlasio specifically forbade the NY tracers from asking that question.

So- are Dane county libs under the same orders?Are they even thinking to ask the question? or are they just scapegoating the bars?

I read one account that suggested....

Well. Our data shows there has been-no spread. At all- from these crowds where people are shouting and spitting and emoting...in huge groups...but... we’ve got terrible spread in the bars.

I’m not buying it.

Nor am I buying the notion that we need to be so alarmed at a slight increase in carriers-

Especially young and healthy carriers-that it warrants more closures.

These liberal leaders are finding-any excuse- to keep America closed down.

Here’s another easy prediction; there will be a fierce attempt by the left to keep all schools closed in fall.K-12 and universities.

Watch how these ninnies will come up with last minute reasons not to reopen the schools. And if the schools cannot reopen...our economy cannot hit a decent stride...and continue to improve and they know it.

We have academy of pediatrics saying: our children must be in school. The mental and physical and developmental benefits to children are too great...to not have children physically back in school in fall say our nation’s doctors who specialize in children.

We have-the experts- the scientists-saying: covid-19 doesn’t hit young people the way it hits the elderly....kids need to be in school but so far-the left wing ninnies refuse to agree with that.

They are looking around for any excuse to keep this country closed thru November.

And even the bar and business owners in Madison and Dane county are finding their voices-and ready to fight back

They want to kill off an economic recovery. We saw a strong bounce back in May numbers...and this scare is now putting the brakes on that-according to our recent economic measures.

Remember how 2.5 million jobs were added in May?

Just a -huge-number.

The expectation was that we could see 3 or 4 million jobs added in June...once more states had reopened. But the new scare might be stalling that out.

In the Obama era, the labor department always put out overly generous numbers...and then downgraded them a month later when no one was looking..

It has been reversed in the trump era- where the labor department goes back and records an even more impressive number than they initially reported...

And so i bet that we will see May’s huge numbers revised up even more.

But will we be able to say 3-million jobs were created in June? Or more?

Let’s hope so....

But based on multiple data points...it looks like this recovery...which started out as a V-shape...is turning into something else. Flattening out a bit now...thanks to the continued covid-19 scare. The Dems will keep this up right thru fall-if they can.

photo credit: Fox 6 Now

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