White liberal guilt is not helping with race relations in the U.S.

If Aunt Jemima is the most racist thing in 2020, then we have won.

There is a strain of anti-racism moving through this country that has nothing to do with the real problems that minority and low income families face. Instead, there is a vision of 'fairness' being driven by upper middle class, liberal, guilty white women.

Think of the Karen memes.

These women, in their desire to create a fair world where no one sees race (just like they created a fair soccer games where no one kept score) are focusing on all of the wrong things.

And they are making it worse.

Bill Maher said on his show last week that there is a risk that guilty whites are about to culturally appropriate anger over racism.

Maher also said it's time to stop only seeing color.

There are real problems in this country, and the United States does have a legacy of race. But focusing Aunt Jemima, old episodes of the Golden Girls, and speaking roles on cartoons doesn't fix them.

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