Mail-in ballots are a recipe for disaster and here's the proof

Jay Weber Show transcript 7:40am 6-29-20

The evidence is stacking up that voting by mail and allowing postal workers and/or third parties to control the flow of ballots is a uniquely bad idea, but the democrats don’t care. They don’t want fair elections. They want power and if that means they need to cheat to get it so be it. Then they need new ways to cheat. I have several new stories to run by you today

WATCH: US Postal Worker Caught on Video Throwing Stack of GOP Congressional Candidate Campaign Mailers in Dumpster

These were just campaign mailers. Bulk mailers that the post office was paid several thousand dollars to deliver ...I’m sure.

And it took -one mailman- one person who doesn’t support that candidate- to tamper...and influence the election.

Now imagine if was actual ballots- mailed in ballots-that that postal worker was in charge of.

Maybe it’s a trump hater who is collecting ballots out of the mailboxes on his route. And he knows the ones from certain neighborhoods are trump votes.Maybe it’s the trump yard sign that tips him off.

He could toss out anywhere from one several he went about his duties over the course of the two or three month window before the election.

We could have some democrat mail carrier in Waukesha or Washington counties...pulling hundreds of ballots out of mailboxessitting on the street corners or out in front of the grocery store.He or she. Knowing this was a heavy GOP area could just dump or destroy those ballots.

The chance for just- partisan postal workers-to tamper here is real.

Then you add in the so-called ballot harvesting. With activists running around collecting ballots to return....from god knows who....that came from god knows where and the potential for fraud is huge.

Here’s another way to cheat: for New Jersey men were just charged with creating hundreds.

Hundreds of fraudulent mail-in ballots in a recent New Jersey election.

“Myth” Busted? NJ AG Indicts Four Over Mail-In Ballot Fraud; “Hundreds” Of Mail-In Ballots Discovered (Updated)

So anyone could have walked around and picked them up...and used them to fraudulently vote.

Do you get it?

The mailman for those apt buildings was just dumping the ballots down in a bundle instead of separating them out by apartment, is what it sounds like....and that made it easy for these activists to run around and collect them and fill them out...and mail them back in.

I have been harping on the stupidity of having hundreds of thousands to millions of unsecured ballots floating around out there.

Don’t think the lefty activist groups won’t resort to dumpster diving and garbage picking to find ballots that other people have thrown away because they didn’t want to vote.

This also comes from New Jersey...

Mail-in ballots “may have been destroyed” in postal truck fire in New Jersey. Well that’s convenient.


I’ve gone thru the basic stats before: in Oregon, where they have been voting by mail for twenty years...about 8 to 11 percent of ballots just...aren’t counted...every election. About one in every ten ballots sent in....just aren’t counted for one reason or another: The post office didn’t deliver them...or the clerk disqualified them due to an error on the envelope or...whatever.

the Oregon state officials think they are running great elections there that prove mail in voting works....and their failure rate is about one ballot out of every ten...

So what?The results are close enough. We declare a winner and move held the election ‘successfully’...they figure.

This is going to be our future standard?

Mail in voting shouldn’t be allowed for-anyone- other than overseas citizens and military members. That’s it. Everyone stateside should have to physically appear to vote. With early voting-that gives people a broad window of time. Plenty of time and there is always Election Day.

But instead....liberals in blue states are pushing every way they have us all voting by mail. Because it gives them a dozen new ways to cheat.

They just lost a big case in Texas on Friday: the case went all the way to the Supreme Court- before the court said- no- Texas Democrats cannot force ballots to be sent out by all voters.

There is- so much- riding on this election.

We tend to think in terms of Trump v. Biden...and conservatism versus socialism...but...the stakes are high at all levels of govt. the Wi St Journal just had a story on how...if the Wisconsin republicans can flip the right number of seats in legislative races

Wisconsin Republicans look to flip 6 seats for veto-proof legislative majority

In fall...we could have a veto-proof majority against Tony Evers’ veto pen.

How huge would that be?

One person quoted in the article whines that it would be like having Scott walker as governor again.

But- think about it: 2020 is another census year-and if the republicans control both chambers of the legislature. They get to redraw the district boundaries for another ten years...for both

It would take the perfect storm, most likely. But it’s possible...and it adds to the overall importance of this race in Wisconsin-and nationally.You can argue-quite easily-that the democrats have never had more motivation to cheat...and try to rig elections...than they do this year.

Here's a another link:

U.S. Supreme Court declines Texas Democrats' request to allow all Texans to vote by mail

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