Despite everything, President Trump continues to win

Jay Weber Show transcript 7:12am 6-24-20

We’ve seen more winning for this president and this country, even as the MSM claims all is lost. Trump is done. Biden in a landslide.

America’s going to hell. Pull down the statues and get ready for a rebranding...

Yep-the Trump admin is still racking up the wins.

Let’s start with over 200 miles of-real- border wall completed now...with another 300 miles under construction.

I know president trump promised a border wall and it has taken nearly his entire term to get funding, approval, and finally-to get construction crews on the ground- and so-I know that the Anne Coulters of the world-and the real border zealots will bound on trump and claim this isn’t a win. This isn’t what he promised-

But it-is a win- and he’s done this against incredible odds and with no help from congress-and if we give him another term- this wall-will- be completed.

The border patrol says we don’t need a 2000 mile wall- we only need about 700 to 1000 miles of this border walled off. Natural barriers take care of the rest...and now that the funding is there. The system of doling out contracts is in place. Work is underway- yes. Absolutely Trump will get this done if we give him a second term.

The MSM keeps poo-pooing the progress...or lying about the fact that very pathetic, substandard border fencing is being replaced by a huge 18 to 30 foot wall-and that’s huge. The fence-is-being replaced here-with actual barrier.

They want to claim ‘no new wall has been built’.

That’s a dishonest dodge.

And now the left is whining that he’s done most of this building while no one was looking.

Trump has put up more border wall during coronavirus pandemic than any point in his presidency

That’s just how the construction work fell-after 3 years of left-wing delays and foot dragging.

That is virtually-all-of the border wall that border control says we need and with four more years to complete it-and add hundreds of miles more-if it’s needed-trump will get this done.It would be a huge win for America.

The border patrol says this 200 miles of new fencing-which has been put up in the most heavily-trafficked areas-is already making a big difference in crossings and drug movement.


The next win is also related to immigration. It is an appeals court win- just a few days after the Supreme Court screwed him on DACA.This was the famously liberal dc court of appeals.

Trump scores win on fast-track deportation expansion

What’s really interesting is that two of the three appeals court judges were Obama appointees.Even lefties on the appeals court said...well...we got to make the obvious decision here- a president has a right to make this call on immigration law.

And so- another Trump win in court-


The next win--also-has to do with immigration.

On Monday of this week-President Trump expanded his ban on foreign guest workers so that he could free up an estimated half a million jobs for Americans who need them.

Mark Krikorian of the center for immigration studies calls this a huge win.

Trump Expands the Foreign-Worker Ban

Trump didn’t play that swampy game.He didn’t fudge and fake and allow for a bunch of loopholes.He put American workers first-and that’s a win.


The next win! The Supreme Court gave Trump a big win related to his steel tariffs this week-and the ruling was completely ignored because it’s not a sexy issue...and their decision was to-not even hear the case:

Supreme Court gives Trump a win on his steel tariffs

Trump is only using tariffs as a way to force foreign leaders to agree to- no tariffs. He wants fair trade agreements and if they are going to tax...we will tax. But if they agree to free and fair trade...that is where we want to be. Where Trump wants to be.

Trump has been maligned by some on the right for using tariffs but his goal is actually- free trade. No tariffs but how do you get our foreign allies to get to that point-if you don’t have some carrots and get them there.

So that’s actually a win.


The final win we have time for-is this one-and it could directly affect your retirement portfolio.

I like this simply another option for all of us- to grow our retirement funds. To invest in something other than ‘stocks and bonds’.

I like this as a hedge for people who might want to do it.

The Trump admin had taken a step to modify the limits of our 401k...

That is a great return on just about any retirement fund...and all this a group of investors. Standing behind a credible investor...and saying. Yes...I’m interested in funding your ventures.

And what’s interesting is that this is already allowed in public pension funds but not in our private funds.

The Trump administration gives workers more options with retirement plan deregulation

It’s a good idea and another win for the American people that trump should get credit for.

Against all odds-and an unending wave of negative press and unhinged democrats.

We are still….. WINNING!!!

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