Poll: One-third of Democrats worried about Joe Biden's mental health

Jay Weber Show transcript 7:10am 6-22-20

Here’s a survey that is getting far less attention that will have far more impact on the race, if it can be duplicated and validated.

Folks a John Zogby poll: again John Zogby is a democrat but he’s a good pollster and the fact that he’s a democrat actually makes me believe his findings more-when they are favorable to trump. He’s not juicing his numbers to trump make look bad.

Zogby polled on the question: do you think Joe Biden is in cognitive decline? Is there some evidence of dementia there?

Folks, 55 percent of respondents said yes.

This is a legitimate ‘wow’.

55% of Americans think Joe Biden shows early signs of dementia

Consider two things, my friends: first- these are the findings-before! Joe Biden really hits the campaign trail and people see him for longer stretches of time. This is before there are daily instances of his forgetfulness, gaffes, and decline.

Already!Nearly 6 in 10 voters say they see it and this is as we have had his team ‘managing’ his appearances to the extreme. Putting out pre-taped videos...and all the rest.

Folks...these numbers will only grow when Joe’s on the campaign trail and the second thing to consider is this: if 6 in ten independents see dementia. Biden can’t win this race...can he?

The third thing to consider is: come on- if one in three democrats think Joe Biden is showing signs of decline-that’s devastating.They’d enthusiastically vote for him-over trump?

Most democrats would vote for a ham sandwich over Trump I get it but if turnout is driven by enthusiasm-and one third of democrats think joe has dementia- howmany of that group of people are going to just-stay home?

Not actively go out to vote for Donald Trump but just...stay home?

If I were the Biden campaign...I’d be out conducting several internal polls based on this very question.

I know that they want to believe the polls. I know they want to believe that Trump will beat himself and Biden is ‘just popular enough’ to win back the white house for them-and if he has dementia- hey-whatever. He’s got a VP....

I know that to the Democrats it’s all about power but come on.One third of their party-and half of independents would vote for a man who they know has onset dementia just to get rid of Trump?

That’s a stretch...for me.

Oh and here’s a fourth point to be made on the topic: these findings by Zogby are what American voters believe before! -The Trump campaign and the Republicans start the drum beat over Joe Biden’s mental acuity.

Folks-the Trump camp just unveiled a thirty second ad on this exact topic and it’s pretty devastating:

I know what the polls allegedly say but I will remind you again-Joe Biden is still hiding in the basement-and when the American people who haven’t seen or heard from Joe in a while start paying attention and see how much he’s aged- he is going to lose support.

That’s based on appearances alone.

We also haven’t gotten into the radical platform that Biden and the DNC will be running on.They are feeling the need to appease these BLM crowds...and the Bernie bros....and so the democrat party is going to have a more anti-American agenda than we have ever seen a major party have...

Along with a call for a four trillion dollar tax hike...and Biden’s other bad policies.

There is no doubt that Biden has benefitted from the covid-19 scare bringing the primary season to a short and abrupt end so he could hide away from the public for six months.

But that’s got to change at some point, here.

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